Is This Router Compatible?

I just purchased a new router today for a Friday delivery.

But when I went into the settings on one of my cameras it shows several different possible connections, from my neighbors, natch.

But it also showed a few networks that it says it’s not compatible with as well.

So it got me a little concerned about router compatibility.

My new router is:

ASUS ROG Strix GS-AX5400 WiFi 6 Extendable Gaming Router

Anyone have any ideas whether this router is compatible?

If it won’t be then I’ll need to cancel my Amazon order


More information than I could understand or handle :rofl: Since “almost” all of the WYZE stuff uses the 2.4 network you will have to see if it has one SSID for both the 5.0 and the 2.4 network or if it has a separate SSID for each network. If it only has one SSID you may have to research how to turn off the 5.0 network for a short time while you connect your WYZE equipment to the 2.4. If you don’t want to have to set up all you current WYZE stuff again you should rename the 2.4 network the same as it is now and use the same password for it also.

I don’t know about SSID and all that.

But it does have two 2.5gz LAN ports


The two ports are 2.5gbp

Wyze Cams are compatible with nearly all WiFi routers with a 2.4GHz band. There are many users employing ASUS routers so I am confident it will support the Wyze devices. This router is a dual band so you should be alright.

Some advice when you change routers… Name the SSID of the new router the exact same as the old router. If you don’t, you will be reinstalling every Wyze device. If you name the new SSID the same and use the same password, they should all log into the new router without knowing the mothership was upgraded. If you plan to operate a split network, with each band on a separate SSID rather than a merged network with all bands on one SSID, make sure the 2.4GHz band is the same SSID and Password as the old network.

Also, this is a Gaming Router that is optimized for bandwith on the higher bands to support fast data transfer in gaming. It is not optimized for the 2.4GHz network where the Wyze devices reside. Reading reviews also indicated that because of this, there may be problems with coverage issues.

Those won’t help w\ your Wyze devices. Those are for your high speed LAN connected devices, like gaming consoles. The Wyze devices will be limited to the 2x2 WiFi speed, usually no faster than 400 to 600 Mbps.

It also won’t help with your up and down ISP speed unless you are paying for GigaBit service. Whatever speed plan you are on with your ISP will determine your cap speed.

Currently I have Cable but Fiber is being installed in my neighborhood right now. I’ll probably be getting 2gig with it (Lumos Fiber)

So it’s more of a hedge against the future for me.

If I could post links I’d show you this router on Amazon…it looks pretty promising

I have Lumos also, but I am one of those cheap old farts that refuse to pay for speed and bandwith I will never use. I pay for bottom basement 200Mbps and have never had any streaming issues.

No need for the Amazon link. I looked at the specs direct from Asus. I also linked the spec sheet above.

This is what I just found on their q&A area of the listing:

Q: What is the bandwidth of the 2.4ghz and 5ghz channels?
A: This what I found on their web site: 20/40/80/160 MHz bandwidth

Q: Can i separate out 2.4g and 5g using this router. so i want some of my devices use 2.4g and other use 5g. also whats the max range for 5g?
A: Yes you can assign different SSIDs and passwords to each band. You can even turn off either the 2.4g or 5g radio if you don’t need one of them. The second part of your question does not have a definitive answer. Too many factors determine “max range” incl concrete vs wood walls, interference from neighbors, airport radar, sun spots, and so on. For best performance/speed on the 5g band you should have a router or access point in the same room ideally. You can get a signal thru a few wood walls but the speed will be bad

Seems the router should work…no?

Man…I am so over my head on this lol

What do you mean “coverage issues”?

Like distances between the router and the devices?

With regard to coverage area on the two bands: 5GHz is a higher frequency and therefore is more succeptible to impedance. It can’t travel thru things as easily and therefore looses strength quickly when moving thru walls or over longer distances. But, because of the higher frequency, it can transmit more data faster. The 2.4GHz band is lower freequency, travels farther, looses strength less, but is slower with less data transfer.

Both are fully dependant on the topology of your space: distance, construction, depth, placement, competing intereference, etc.

Yes and no. Every router is internally optimized by the manufacturer to manage the traffic flow on the WiFi like a Traffic Cop. Gaming Routers give Preferance to bandwith on the 5GHz and 6GHz bands because those are the high speed bands used for fast data transfer and low latency during game streaming. Because of this, many give preferential bandwith to devices on those bands while throttling the devices on the lower bands. This is QOS (Quality of Service) protocols. In a previous router I employed, I had to shut down QOS and prioritize cams to keep them from lagging and slow loading.

Because this router is optimized for the high freequency gaming bands, the antaenna are tuned for this as well and may not be the best antaenna for the 2.4GHz band. I only picked up on the possible coverage issues by reading some of the online tech site reviews of the router.

I don’t think so. Asus makes some very high quality equipment. If you bought this because you want high speed gaming and\or streaming on a router that can also run your cams, then this looks to fit the bill. But, if your purpose is only for your Wyze devices, it is total overkill in the wrong freequency.

I only got this because my son does a lot of game streaming and he’s griping a lot about losing connections and high buffering and lag.

So, I’m hoping this router with fix that, and be able to handle the cameras too.

By changing the SSID are you talking about the network name?

Like in the settings for the cameras under Network shows the name of my network and the associated password?

My current POS router from Spectrum won’t let me change that, so I’m hoping this new one will allow it.

With the Gigabit Fiber, this should make him happy. And it should support your cams too.

Yes. The Network name is the SSID (Service Set IDentifier). Whatever it is now on your current router, set the new one to exactly the same. You shouldn’t have to log into the router with any devices. They should see the network name and automatically jump on the WiFi.

A note about security… Stay away from WPA3 only security. Wyze devices do not like WPA3. But, the Asus should be preset for WPA\WPA2\WPA3 and apply security based on the connected device so you shouldn’t have to configure it.

It will allow it. ISP supplied routers are notoriously ISP friendly, not user friendly. You will need to log into the router as an administrator, either thru the Asus device management app or thru a browser to the router local IP. The admin user\pass is usually printed on a sticker on the device. It is a different user\pass from the SSID\pass and can also be changed once logged in. Just make sure you write it down if you change it.

My current router has no label on it for the Admin sign-in, just the SSID and password.

About the WAP3 stuff…is that the button you push on the router, in order to set up devices easier?

That is why ISP supplied routers are notoriously user unfriendly. They want to dictate your settings for you so they don’t allow you any Admin access. Every Spectrum Service Tech has the Admin password though. That way they can charge you for a service fee and still not give you the access and configuration control you want. They still own the router and can restrict it to only Spectrum service.

Your Asus will give you that. You own it. You have full configuration control to do as much (very advanced settings) or as little as you choose.

No. That is the WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) button. It allows you to grant access to devices without typing in the SSID and Password. Sort of an Express Lane to log into the network for the first time without typing anything in. It was mostly used for the older network printers and such that had no user interface to type. It is old technology an has been found to be about as secure as a paper bag. The newer devices all have app assisted network install or their own on board UI.

WPA is WiFi Protected Access. It the security guard that encrypts your WiFi signal so that someone can’t intercept and decode your WiFi signal. WPA is old 1st Gen. WPA2 is the most commonly used 2nd Gen. WPA3 is the newest, but many devices, like Wyze Cams, don’t support it.

@Brewskie, Do yourself a big solid. Invest time on YouTube learning more about WiFi, SSID, 2.4 frequency, how to setup & troubleshoot. This stuff is not going away, best to get up to speed.

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