Is there any AWS Outage today (12-28-2021) Cloud Icon Down on 1 of 3 Cameras

Is there any AWS Outage today
Cloud Icon Showing “Down” on 1 of 3 Cameras

It’s a V3 Camera Cloud Down, ( seems All functionality is working, other than the Cloud Down icon showing on 1 camera.

2 others that are working are V3, V2

Rebooted the camera
Still shows Cloud Down icon

Receiving Motion Alerts
Can view Playback

Noticed this yesterday

Side Note which May be relevant:

I created Camera Groups
And the camera I am experiencing the Cloud Down Icon.,
I placed in a Group, and then took it out of the Group,
Day later placed it back in the Group,

Only to then notice the Cloud Down Icon.
Took out of the group again

Still Cloud Down Icon

Not sure if it is relevant to the issue.

AWS and Wyze appear to be rocking today.

I dont put much weight into “status” as the outage weeks ago, showed that, and there were still issues that were being addressed.

Overall, the issue I am experiencing has to be other their side,
1 Camera Cloud icon down - But camera and alerts totally work
2 other cameras - Cloud icon Up, - Both cameras and alerts totally work

Cloud Icon status, is based upon AWS, and Wyze services, not my local network.

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Definitely issues today. 12/28/21 I’ve been unable to open the app all day. Called 5 hours ago and was told that some iOS users are having this problem. I was told I would get updates every 2 hours but i’ve received none and it’s still not opening even after rebooting the router and deleting and reinstalling the software.

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I was just thinking
Criminals just have to watch the AWS status page,
to know when to rob a home.


Very true. Some day one of us will run into one of these AWS checking, WiFi deauthentication packet sending, IR light flashing, packet sniffing, rainbow table cracking, Ethernet cable tapping burglars. Except… we won’t.

You’re in good hands.


What really burns my butt is when someone passes away, and the day of the funeral their house is broken into. Same with the tornado in Kentucky. People were going through the rubble stealing anything of value.

People who kick those who are down deserve a stiffer punishment than our justice system will allow.

/soapbox OFF


Ugh, I expected and wanted this to be an urban legend but apparently it does happen.

I don’t think Joe Pesci was the best example of “protected”


As far as trusting technology.
Its technology, EVERYTHING is/ should always be questioned.
LOTS of daily examples hacks, outages, etc etc etc…

There is NO such thing as 100% security.

Example: 5 years from now
When all V1, V2, V3 cameras are considered old, and Version 10.x cam is the latest thing
The older cameras will no longer be supported, updated, or patches written to address the latest security threats at that time.

Just like all other products. like Routers, Wireless Access points etc etc etc.

So overall, tech, needs to be monitored and updated constantly, or that in itself, introduces much higher risks.

Funny, Funny How?
Joe Pesci

Years ago, I remember the news stories about home being robbed because people would post on their FB accounts, they were going on vacation …


Umm, that is a picture of him as the burglar in Home Alone…


I didn’t recognize it

When someone in our family passes away, a neighbor or friend will stay in the house.

Very luck to have family or neighbors like that.
Where I live, in NJ miles away from NYC, things have changed SOO much in the last 20 years.
Most people know nothing of their neighbors now a days ( sad)…

And then there are a few of my neighbors ( young gun type) I wouldn’t trust watching my car, never mind my home.
Oh how I miss the past.

Gee man I sure don’t!! Robberies are HALF what they were back then. And we didn’t have $20 cameras and magical phones to watch everything either. The last couple of years aside, this is a MUCH better time to be alive than any time in the past. It’s not even close! The quality of the food alone is incredibly better (with some major exceptions).

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Bar & Pie Charts and 1 web site,
for me does not reflect the reality of what IS going on in many states across the country.

100’s of news stories per week.

That’s just naming a few states/cities

I can list dozens of new stories crimes, this week alone.
Overall I see WAY more crime in the last few years,
than the entire last few decades.

Maybe your very lucky in the specific area of the country you live,

On a whole ( nation) crime is WAY up

As far a food, well yea food is good.
Would be even better if the cost of everything didn’t go up so much in the last year or so.
2 years ago, a gallon of milk $2.14 a gallon,
Last 12+ months, $3.50 to $4,00 a gallon
Using milk as an example. but everything has gone up at least 30%
Lumber costs more than tripled at the peak some months back, but is still very high.

In any regards
At least I have my security cameras

Sorry but you are speaking nonsense here. Your very first link says that the murder rate was MUCH worse 20-30 years ago. As I said, the last two years are an anomaly (let us hope) due to various obvious insanities. The trend and the reality is that you are SO much safer (and better off in every other imaginable way) today than you were 20 years ago, by EVERY measure. And we were talking about robberies / burglaries, remember?

Don’t cherry pick articles. Look at the data. I imagine perhaps you feel vulnerable because you are older and more scared than you used to be.

There is an entire trove of research documenting our upward trend. Your hankering for the 2000 era is simple and very blind nostalgia.

Edit: Here are a couple of VERY quick results, the first from Wikipedia and the second from Pew based on FBI data. The truth is the truth. And it’s good news!


You CAN"T read

I NEVER said the Murder Rate was Much Worse 20-30 years ago.

I said CRIME was MUCH Less years ago.

Since you started off your response with spewing wrong information,
AND also totally lied about what I had said,
You can move along now…

Your too funny

“”" Don’t cherry pick articles. Look at the data. I imagine perhaps you feel vulnerable because you are older and more scared than you used to be. “”“”

You have to pull your head out of your asp if you think crime IS MUCH Lower, OR Lower
Try watching the news, Try listening to the police, listen or even try READING CURRENT NEWS in ANY DEM ran city.,

Your probably one of those people who believe the Record Breaking Border Crisis
Is fake, and that they all fly here, and just overstayed their visas.

All 2.9 Million of them in the last 13 months


Your Sources?
Are Wiki and PEW

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The Same PEW research that STILL Says there is ONLY 11 Million illegal Immigrants in the U.S. in 2020-2021

The VERY SAME thing PEW said WAYYY back in 2006
Which means that in 15 years NO MORE illegal immigrants entered the U.S.

2006 PEW Research ----- 11 Million Illegal Immigrants

You TOTALLY Blew Up ANY possible credibility you may previously had.

Keep playing with your charts and Pew & Wiki web sites
:rofl: :rofl:

I am sure you can keep trying to shape your ill advised narrative kid.
And the only one who is vulnerable is you,
Mom cuddled you too much

:rofl: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Okay so you’re going to stick with dumb. Carry on. The boogie men are out to get you and crime is at an all time high even though it’s lower than it’s ever been. The FBI is biased against your real news sources you found inside you. How very foolish. Okay, see ya.