Is there a way to view past date videos

Hello! I am new to Wyze outdoor cameras. I was wondering if there is a way to go back and view all camera playbacks from a certain date? At this point all I can view is motion detected playback videos from past dates. For example, if I was concerned something happened on a certain day last week, is there a way to go back and view the camera footage from the whole day or it is only with motion detected?


Is this the battery outdoor cam, or the V3?

I ask because they function differently.

The battery cam does not have the capability of continuous recording with SD cards like the other cameras do. It will only do event recordings or scheduled recordings. You can use the event tab to go back to any date in the last 2 weeks and scroll through to find the events.

The v3 does have the capability of continuous recordings, but you must have an SD card installed and have it set to continuous record. Then you can go to that day in the event history and click view playback on an event. OR you can go to the live view and click view playback and scroll back to the date and time (however, depending on capacity of SD card, that day may no longer be available.

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It is the battery operated outdoor cam. I bet this is my issue.

Thank so much for your help!

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You’re welcome!