Is there a way to set up a back-up wifi connection?

I would like to set up my neighbor’s wifi as the back-up wifi for my hub. The idea is that I would use my wifi for normal daily use, and only use the backup wifi (my neighbor’s) if the connection was lost on my network. This seems like a strong solution to the security risk associated with a disconnected network.

Sorry, only one wifi network credentials can be programmed in the Sense hub at a time.

I agree with @Omgitstony assessment. But I admire you idea of wanting back up WiFi. If you are serious, you have some work to do. Some newer routers such as ASUS XT’s have a feature for a fallback Internet connection. This allows your WiFi to stay up, by you providing a wired second connection to your ASUS root mesh router. I have this. Spectrum is my main ISP, and I have Starlink as my second/backup ISP. Connected to my ASUS router, is two wired inputs. One Spectrum the other Starlink.

Sounds like you wanted back up WiFi, you have to consider if your WiFi goes down, its likely your ISP is down. And even if you could feed your neighbor’s WiFi to your house, your Wyze hub, it more than likely would not be effective. Because, if your ISP/WiFi is down, likely his ISP/WiFi is down too.

In my case, a second ISP connection makes sure my same router /mesh-router maintains my home WiFi.

While we are on the subject, (you don’t need to answer this, just think about it). How often does your power go out? Is it more likely to go out than your Internet? Most town/cities, - I think - also impact Internet/ISP connections when power goes out. If you lose power, does your Internet go down? If you lose power for an extended length of time, does it matter if your Internet is down? Because if power is out, do you lose 'enough" Internet connected devices in your home that your power and Internet might as well both be down?

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I’ll have to look into that option. My neighbor and I are in the perfect scenario. We happen to be on different grids, so during a storm it is fairly common to have power at one house and not the other. We also use different ISPs, so using each other’s service as back-up makes a lot of sense… My biggest security concern is a power disconnect or ISP disconnect at the house followed by a break-in. If I could set up the back-up ISP, there is zero chance a “bad guy” would know that I still have limited power to a few outlets via battery back-up as well as an internet connection via my neighbors’s house.

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This kind of problem and these types of suggestions are what makes this forum worthwhile. We get to bring a dream or problem to the table and people spread their ideas across it like a big sheet. Then others with more info, help move the process along. Not every time, but often, the “presenter” sees potential solutions that they had not thought or or knew about. Its like we are not AI but PI, ( lol) People Intelligence.

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You could right now install some cameras using your neighbors wifi, if it’s in range and they let you. It would still be affected by a power outage at your house. But if just your Internet goes out, the cameras setup on their wifi would still be working. It would look like just another device in your home page.

And you could purchase a WiFi extender adding the Extender on his WiFi but you have permissions on the Extender not his WiFi. Then add your cameras to the Extender. Or ask him to create a Guest network on his Wifi and you could connect your cameras to it.
Would he allow you, and you, him, to put cameras on the outside facing your home so you would use his power, your Extender or his Guest WiFi, pointing at your home? In exchange, you extending the same to him?

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