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I have terrible WiFi here at my house. It drops at all hours of the night… my current alarm system when this happens switches to cellular and I still feel safe and secure. That being said without cellular I would no longer have an alarm when it drops… ring alarm systems offers cellular for $10 a month. I wouldn’t even mind paying that for cellular as it adds so much to the platform.

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Looking at the home security system I have a concern it has an Achilles heel. Internet dependent makes for vulnerability in the case of service outage. In my case I have gigabit service but it enters the house at one coax point that could be cut. I am sure there are plenty others likewise. Not to mention normal service outages. While temporary, an outage still means no security.

I would wish for either an integrated cell capability or an add on to the hub to enable cellular communication. All nicely designed and tested by Wyze. A bow would be optional.

Any thoughts along that line?


A cellular backup option for the Wyze Home Monitoring would be very nice! I’m not sure how Wyze would do it for their cameras but definitely would like the option for their alarm system.


Definitely a great Idea!
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Yep, I’m a fan of Wyze products but I don’t see the point on this one.
Cut the Internet cable and the alarm with the back up battery included is useless.


Having cellular backup is also a good selling tool for the company to have.

Concerned people need to be told that, in most cases, burglars rarely cut phone or cable lines, but that it can happen.

My experience is that once the home or small business owner hears the price of the cellular device, plus the additional monthly charge, especially if they’re price-shopping, they’ll opt to do defer the expense… however knowing they do have the option if they ever need it.

Agreed. Cellular backup for the Wyze Home Monitoring is a must. With the PG&E (power company) PSPS several day power shutdowns or with winter storms, our Comcast/Xfinity goes out at their substation. I have a home generator, so my power stays up, but without Internet, it’s a good time for thieves to strike.

Have to stick with ADT for now at least.


Rather than ADT, suggest you get Vector or Guardian Protection Services. After 15 years in the industry, now retired, I was often surprised when ADT owners had substantial losses because, apparently, when their stations got busy, they were late in responding, or didn’t respond at all. In those non-response times, when they were caught, which was rare, they act surprised and send someone out with a checkbook. I found out later that “Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Certified” monitoring stations only had to respond to FIRE CALLS in 90 seconds or less. That’s the UL response standard - they have NO STANDARD for intrusion (burglar) alarms. Their software prioritizes the fire calls but, unfortunately, the intrusions calls, during busy periods, just stack up. Of course, most of the time, when there’s an intrusion, the homeowner has no idea how long the response took - and when the homeowner accidentally sets off an alarm, it’s usually during non-busy burglar hours SO, the alarm company answers quickly - why not, they weren’t busy. Suggestion, get rid of ADT and pick a company that’s won the SDM Dealer of the year award - sometime in the last 20 or so years: companies that win that award are committed to always responding promptly. ADT is committed to profit only.

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Simply Safe seems to be an inexpensive alternative to ADT ,I wish Wyze can include the cellular back up system like they offer.


Not that many actually need cellular backup, since most have predictable power and cable, but it is valuable when it’s needed for sure.

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I agree. Just keep in mind, low cost monitoring stations, even ones that are UL Certified, may not be diligent in their response to intrusion alarms - which is how they make a profit (like costly ADT). I recommend Vector Security (Warrendale, PA) or Guardian Protection Services (based in Pittsburgh, PA). Other than that, I’d wrote SDM Magazine and ask who has won their Dealer of the Year Award that is in your area. Anything else is a pig in a poke.

See my ADT comment above - what they do for homes and small businesses is all to common, i.e., their advertising, which is very professional, is the most competent thing they do for that market, that is, homes and small businesses. Their commercial division, that handles banks, jewelry stores and the like, on the other hand, are another thing altogether, and also much more expensive. As would be expected.

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I want to recommend that Wyze offer a Monitoring Service that is backed up by Cellular.
It brings my interest in paying for Monitoring to a halt when I know that if my home power is out and/or my WiFi is out, then my Monitoring and Emergency Calling is out.


I had a breakin and they did cut the phoneline/cable connection outside - it’s unfortunately easy to get to. So now I will only consider a cell backed up solution. Looking to switch from the classic alarm vendor (like ADT) and Ring is top of my list, but I’d like to consider Wyze. Please add this as an option.


You should consider SimplySafe as an alternative


I have Simplisafe but would switch to Wyze quickly if a cell backup was offered. Even if they charged monthly for it, I’d save a lot. It’s $25/mo with SS for the smart features that Wyze has included. I’m not so concerned about people cutting my cable line, like others have mentioned, but people breaking in during a power outage. Texas is becoming familiar with these… Wyze already has the battery backup. Cell backup is needed.


Especially for modern burglars that use Wifi Jammers

Here is a quote from another post:

some habitual burglars now carry WiFi and cellular jammers with them to prevent people from getting security alerts, and this would also prevent cloud uploads (another good reason to have SD cards as a backup) Robbery no video - #9 by carverofchoice

I currently use Abode for this reason, but would prefer to switch to Wyze.

I am a big Wyze fan and own many products. I have long been interested in your home monitoring offering as an alternative to my existing home security provider (who just raised their monthly monitoring cost).

The one thing that holds me back is the lack of cellular backup. I understand this would add to the cost of monitoring and the device itself, but it’s a price I would be willing to pay. I suspect there are plenty of others that would as well.

Yes, an internet outage is generally unlikely, but it does happen and I’m not willing to take that risk with home and family security. Also, one should acknowledge that a smart burglar may think to simply cut the internet cables running into the house before attempting to enter.

Most of your competitors in this space offer cellular backup, and I feel that Wyze could take even more market share simply by adding that feature (even just as an option for an additional cost).


Home Monitoring Necessity -Cellular Connection

Currently I see that your home monitoring system only uses a Wi-Fi signal to contact emergency services. I would like to state that the only way I would sign up for home monitoring and purchase the products from Wise would be if you were to integrate a cell signal that is constantly connected in case power is cut or power goes out during an emergency like a break in or fire or flood. If someone were to cut the power to the house before they broke in then no emergency services would be notified using your existing home monitoring base station. Having a cell signal that has constant power / battery backup is required in a modern security system to protect against power being cut. Please consider this in a future version. I love Wyze products but I believe this is a big oversight currently in the Home Monitoring system you’re offering.

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Welcome to the Forum Community, @EYEMGREG. Thanks for your post. My current Security System operates as you describe, so I also agree with your suggestion.
Hopefully this will be something Wyze will implement in future updates. In the meantime this #wishlist category is here for this reason.
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