What I miss in wyze

Hello Wyze Team,

I have both WYZE and Ring products at home. I really like WYZE in terms of the cost and also the devices are really small and accurate when compared to Ring.

I would like to tell you a little about some of the things which I miss in wyze when compared to other security monitoring systems.

  1. The Alerting system: IN WYZE the only alerting system is that we recieve on the cellphones. This is not always helpful when at home. It would be nice if WYZE comes with some kind of alarm/siren and speaker which can speak out exactly notifying the device which triggered the alert.

  2. I have motion sensors in bedrooms and Pan cameras in the basement hall, living room sunroom and patio… I want to turnoff the motion sensors so that they wont alert when at home, but at same time I still want to receive alaerts from the Pan-camera for any traffic in patio and foyer area. There is no option to turn off alerts only for motion sensors.

  3. I would really like to own a wyze outdoor camera and looking forward for the product. Do you have anything planned?

  4. A complete monitoring set for home security with cellphone and battery backup would be a nice option for customers like me. You already have motion sensors, contact sensors but they connect back to base on a camera which runs on Power and needs WIFI. If power or the wifi fails , the alerting system breaks. So something with cellular network backup and battery backup makes the monitoring system more reliable.

I hope you consider my above feedback. And thanks for making affordable products.


Hi @manmath.m,

Wishlist topics need to be about a single subject so they can be voted on by subject. However, before submitting to the #wishlist, PLEASE SEARCH the #wishlist and #roadmap categories. Use these links to search each category:

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Regarding your specific requests:

  1. You will find topics on alarms and sirens already in the #wishlist. Please comment and/or vote there.
  2. If you go to the settings (gear icon) on each sensor, you will find that you can turn on/off the notifications from that sensor individually. You can also set up rules to turn them on and off using the Rules feature. See the Support Site for instructions.
  3. You will find the upcoming Outdoor Camera discussed in the #roadmap section.
  4. I don’t think this one is in the #wishlist yet. You may want to write it up and submit it for consideration as a standalone request.