Is there a way to request firmware and/or app changes to Wyze?

Heard they have some fix it Friday thingy somewhere

  1. When clicking on a Camera in the App, half the screen is wasted showing the PTZ dial. The video feed is actually smaller than when it’s “minimized”. Would be nice to see a full screen view on a tap and a separate Icon to pull up the PTZ dial.

  2. It would be nice to have 2 different resolutions. 1 for when multiple cameras are shown on the app. and another resolution when the feed is full stream. This way we could set 360p when multiple cams are shown, then 1080p when cam is full screen. Kinda like the sub stream and main stream in BlueIris.

Not sure how things get done there at Wyze and don’t want to scramble the brain on some Asian code monkey but these changes seem worthwhile and fairly straight forward.

There might some on the Wyze dev team. Maybe they’ll scramble your app downloads.

WYZE has a “Wishlist” section on the forum. You may want to search it for the functions you mentioned and then vote accordingly. If the functions you mentioned do not already exist, then that is the place to create your threat.