Is there a way to download an hour of video from my v2/v3 cameras?

How do I download an hour of video from a v2/v3 camera with CamPlus?
I know that I can go to the phone app, get to the timeline and hit record, but that would take an hour and is really a BS way to get things done. I’d like to just be able to choose a time period and have it download in the background.
Cameras are at a remote location so pulling SD cards is not a viable option.

Negative, camplus is your cloud storage and SD card stuff is your local storage. If you can’t pull the card, the only way is to do the manual record method which you mentioned.

If it is important footage, make sure to disable local storage so it doesn’t get overwritten, or atleast know your retention time and make sure to save the footage before It gets overwritten.

I’d check the wishlist and see if the “select a timeframe” to download is a feature request, and if not add it!

Thanks for confirming. Right now I am running the rtsp version of the firmware on a couple of “important” cameras and using the camplus to notify me so I have the video stored locally for the important events but (1) wyze’s rtsp firmware is obviously something they gave a low level member if their programming team to write with absolutely no features and (2) makes it necessary for me to write my own implementation to capture the streams rather than the camera just writing to an nfs mount like a normal $50 security camera.

Probably going to be junking my 8 WYZE cameras and 6 camplus subscriptions in 2022 if they don’t make some effort to implement features found on any other camera for the past decade or more.

Well only from the app,we download ours to our tablet,which is very fast,then if we have an issue we can play it back

Downloading the tiny event clips is fast but Sometimes you need or want a half hour or more of video which takes a half hour or more to download which is ridiculous.

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Nope the cameras are not capable of that,you need to look into Sony camera system they start at about $1,200.00 + with DVR

Noooo. You can pick up just about any $50 camera off of ebay or amazon and have it write the stream directly to an nfs mounted disk on any old computer you might have laying around or even to a raspberry pi.

I do that now with sub $100 cameras that are 5-7 years old but thought that wyze seemed like it was cheap enough to take a chance on due to the phone app being a handy way to move from one camera’s live stream to another which I can do with my other cameras but it isn’t so seamless. But not being able to download random long video segments without having to actually wait for the entire length of the part you want to download has proven to be kind of crazy. If you have a break-in and want to download a few hours video from 2 or 3 cameras you could be sitting there for 6 hours or more waiting for it to finish and hoping that there is no network error that will force you to start all over again. The least they could do is allow you to view the old video at high speed like they do for the short event clips.

Sounds like the limits of the Wyzee app are known here, but you’ve got some good ideas and I suggest check the wish list section of the forums and if your idea exists, vote on it, and if not yet please create a wish list item for them. I know there’s one for fast forward and reverse for local storage, but I can’t link to it right now. I’ll find it later and link it.

That is on the wishlist, but it’s labeled maybe later.

Similar topic.

Yes, that’s it. Over 3 years of requests for this feature and barely a word from Wyze on the topic.
NFS mounting would be ideal but adding an ftp/sftp/ssh server into the camera firmware would be trivial and take care of most people’s needs. I know that this would cut into their profitable Camplus subscription revenue but if wyze made it part of the Camplus package subscription revenue will probably go up.