Looking to download footage in a specific timeframe (24 hrs)

I’m using a number of V2 and V3 cameras at my home, and work.

I found I need to retrieve footage from one, for a duration of 24 hours. Is there a way to do this, other than using the app, and recording the footage while watching it?

If you have an SD Card in the camera, you can pull it out and then copy the video’s and images for the time-frame specified.


Yes, thank you. Was afraid of that.
I had thought a bit on that one. I wasn’t sure it the file would be a standard format. Also, wasn’t looking to need to go onsite and up a ladder, lol.
Thank you.

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I know the feeling. If you have CamPlus, you can download the Event Videos for the last 24 hours one at a time. you don’t have to watch them.

You would start playing the event, tap on the video and then select the download arrow as shown in this image: