Is there a recall on the Wyze bulb color bulbs (not the new verson)?

Seriously, can someone who works at Wyze please address my post? I recently posted about this about a month ago. There HAS to be some sort of a recall on these bulbs. I just purchased a 4 pack on Amazon a few weeks ago, and two bulbs are already defective. One of them are completely burned out and the other one will no longer change color. It functions like a normal wyze bulb, where I can only change the color temperature from soft white to bright white. I already had to replace 4 other bulbs (not including the two that are currently defective) because they completely burned out after just two years of use. I’m getting tired of dealing with this. Thank you.

I’m not aware of a Wyze recall on any product. This forum is primarily a user-to-user community and not a substitute for Wyze Customer Support. Wyze employees do not monitor this forum. If you wish to speak to a Wyze employee/representative, please contact them directly at:

or by phone at: 206-339-9646 (US) or 581-500-1166 (Canada)


There is no customer service for Amazon. If the product doesnt work, you just return it. There is no way to contact Wyze from Amazon. I’ve tried contacting Wyze before, but their return process is too much of a headache, That’s why I started purchasing from Amazon. I suspect I may have received a product that was previously returned, which is why two of the bulbs died within weeks. The 4-pack of bulbs were wrapped in shrink wrap, but it was 4 individual boxes. When I purchased a 4-pack from the Wyze website, it was one box with 4 bulbs in it. Anyways, thank you for your reply. I’ll just return the bulbs since it is still within the return window.

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I’ve called Amazon customer service twice and got fast results. I Googled their number. Last time was a while ago. I’ll see if I still have it…


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Thank you for the contact information. I’ve emailed them before and they definitely responded quickly. I didnt realize there was a number I could call, though. For now, I’m still within the return period for Amazon, but I might call Wyze just to see if there is some sort of recall for these bulbs. I have a lot of the color bulbs, and half of them have already died or are defective. Hopefully the new version won’t have the same issues I’m experiencing. Maybe I could see if Wyze will let me swap the old version bulbs out with the V2 bulbs. Thanks again!

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Reset of bulb might help. I have used this a couple of times.

if they are not working, why not return to Amazon where you bought them and get the V2 from them? :thinking:

I have 12 color bulbs in use many for over 2 years. I had to reset 2 of them.