Is someone deleting my footage?

I belive that there is footage being deleted from my wyze cam events and it is being turned off and on to cover up sometging going on in my residence. Is there any type of system logs that would show this type of activity?

Not that I know of. What makes you think so?

It’s almost too strange to explain there will be gaps in the times have an hour or two where there’s no footage and should be and then they’ll be footage a things going on in my residence but I view and then disappears I’ve started saving some of the videos right away just so they could be deleted and they’re very strange I cannot explain

Since you’re talking about gaps, I assume you’re using an SD card and you’re talking about the footage from the camera’s “Playback” in the app, right?

If you’re using the MicroSD card for recordings, are you recording in events-only mode, or in continuous mode? If you’re recording events-only, it would be natural for there to be gaps, of course. If you’re recording in continuous mode and you’re seeing gaps, this could be a card that’s going bad. How long have you had the card in the camera, and is it a high-endurance card? Regular MicroSD cards often fail pretty quickly in a continuous recording situation, because they’re not built for constant writes and rewrites. If you look at the guarantee/warranty info on regular MicroSD cards, there’s usually a blurb that says “not for use in security cameras” for that reason. The manufacturers don’t expect a regular card to be durable enough to withstand that kind of usage.

If you’ve got more information, let me know, but that’s my hunch so far, based on what you’ve said.


No I’m not using an SD card I’m recording and events mode and manual but it was just for the gaps in the footage I totally understand but there’s footage that is being recorded and then disappearing and I know someone is deleting it I would love to send you at least one or two of the ones that I was able to save and see what you think.

There is much more and that is too strange to explain in an email this s*** gets deep, trust me.

The file is restricted, but I clicked “Request access”

How do I make them available to you?

I assume Google sent something to your email when I clicked it. You could also just make the file public.

I looked at the video, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking at. I see a person rolling over under a blanket. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I sent a total of 3 videos the first one I sent you was the most important are you not able to view that one?

I saw them all, but I’m not sure what’s supposed to be unusual.

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