Deleted footage concern

Okay kinda confused… I think my bf has been deleting footage off playback. When i go to play it back the time clock goes back a few ninutes…for example 18:20 goes to 18:30 then back to 18:20. Why would it be doing this? Is he somehow covering the deleted footage with previous footage repeated to cover the missing minutes up? Is that possible even? I’m so confused as to why it’s doing this… also can I view deleted footage in sd card or something??? If so how? Thanks guys.

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Well, your incidence where the time returns to 18:30 from 18:20 is pretty confusing. Sounds more like a malfunction of some sort. I don’t know a way to do that.

BTW, if only 10 minutes are involved, things are probably fine.

Yeah so I discovered after I rewatched it… it was not only repeating it skipped from 18:21 to 18:51 so the footage in between is gone… so idk

We’ve heard reports of footage missing before, so I can see it skipping. That is a malfunction too, but may be based on the distance to the camera or whether it was power-cycled.

You can pull out the. Memory card and run a recovery program -undelete it so u can hen watch

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Exactly how do I do this ? Do i need a computer?

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Yes, you would need a computer.

But this is much more likely a case of missing footage rather than deleted footage. In other words, it never got recorded. This can happen for various reasons:

  1. SD card is corrupted
  2. Camera was power cycled
  3. Camera was turned off (in the app)
  4. Camera is set to record event only, and there wasn’t any motion
  5. Internet/wifi dropped

For that last one, the camera is supposed to record to the card even if it goes offline. But there’s a current issue that is preventing that from happening. Wyze is looking into that.


Use PC to download a micro card recovery program, for free. Then open program and put Ed card into computer then run program. I used it to recover pictures.

Another possiblity could be that the video time stamps are off in the files, causing the indicator to jump around.

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