Video files missing from SD card

I have all cameras set to record based on motion, I don’t use any masking. They all have 32gb SD cards installed.

We had an event that I went back to the card to see what happened. The elderly person being monitored fell. What I have is several sequential video files, named by date and number. The critical file that would have contained the actual even is skipped. Not there at all, There are motion events recorded properly before it and after it.

Any suggestions on what happened, how to recover the file if it’s there at all, and most importantly, how to avoid this in the future? The situation has changed and I have to add more cameras that will now monitor 24/7 in home care along with the elderly person. Really cannot tolerate missing recordings!

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Franky if I were you I think if I’d either forget about Wyze and buy better stuff, or pay for CMC, or double up and have two Wyze cameras in every position. The SD recording can be a complete crapshoot.

Wyze is not yet reliable even with 24/7 recording for use in the case you present. Get a Eufy camera or Nest or similar. You will pay more but as you have found out you get what you pay for.

Huh. Not the response I expected, but OK. How hard is it to record video on an SD card? I guess, pretty hard.

I think in the past year and a half I’ve had two cards fail. Both were off brand card, one was a crappy 128 gig that filled up once then faulted when it was full. I think that was the issue with the other card, but I don’t remember what size it was (32 maybe?). I have 7 cameras and have had not other problems with them. All but one is set to continuous local recording. I very much recommend continuous for that reason you mentioned, you don’t have to trust the motion algorithm, it just records it all. I do realize that there are alot of folks that have SD card issues though and arnt as smooth running as my experiences.

Files don’t just disappear after you view them.
Your missing video files are either on the card or they aren’t.
You can be able to use recovery software to undelete them if you haven’t overwritten them already.

I think this tutorial will be helpful: Free SD card recovery: Recover lost files from SD card