WYZE MicroSD card

I purchased a few cameras and SD cards from WYZE last week and it seems one of the SD cards is defective. When I initially inserted it into my V2, I herd the ting-ting sound and it was continuously recording. It now seems that it has reached capacity (0.48 GB) but the camera is not erasing old data. I get a “operation failed” error message when I try to trun off the SD card or reformat it and the camera keeps restarting every 45 seconds. Ive placed the card in other WYZE cameras with the same results. I sent a message to support tonight and awaiting their reply but Im wondering what their warranty is on MicroSD cards. Should I bother waiting for a reply from WYZE support or should I just purchase another one.

First step should be to try to reformat the card on a computer.

I put the card into another WYZE camera and still had reformatting issues so I am assuming it will do the same thing on a computer. Unfortunately my computers dont have a MicroSD card reader and since a external reader will cost me $6-10, I figured I would just buy a new card if WYZE doesnt warranty their product. The card is only a week old so Im wondering what the warranty is on their MicroSD cards.

I have a SD card installed for continuous recording. Someone was spotted approaching my front door, and when I checked the video the time when the person was in view was missing. The recorder shows time at 19 minutes and 59 seconds followed by 21 minutes and 00 seconds. What happened to the missing minute with the person on camera? I viewed another camera and seen that there was a person approaching the house. Is it normal for the camera to skip minutes of recording? It is also very hard to view a specific time on a recording and no way to flag the location of the video.

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I’m not sure why you’d be missing minute on the SD card recording. I have not seen that reported before. If possible, you should file a support ticket from the app while connected to the camera so Wyze can look at the camera and app logs.

Regarding viewing a specific time… if you use a pinch-out gesture (two fingers moved apart) on the timeline, it will zoom in, giving you minute-by-minute control over the playback time.

I’m not sure what you mean by the location of the video. Wyze Cams don’t have GPS, so there’s no way that they include location meta data in the video files.

I’m sorry I wasn’t clear about the location. What I was referring to was a location mark on the video stream to be able to find that section again.

Well, Im disappointing WYZE support never got back to me regarding my SD card issue in the first post. I waited 5 days like the email suggested, checked my spam folder daily and never got a reply. I’ll just assume they dont support the SD cards they sell. I have a external reader coming in tomorrow and will try and reformat the card like suggested on this forum.

@krezvani… if you’ll post the support ticket number here, I’ll see if I can find out if it slipped through the cracks.

Thanks Rick. Its not that important but my ticket # is 116810 … submitted on 9/8/18. I ended up using a SanDisk SD and so far its working for me. I looked on the WYZE website and they dont warranty their SD cards. Its only $10 product so its not a huge loss but still disappointed the it only worked for 3 days

Hey @Krezvani!

Rick brought this one to my attention, and I do apologize for the delay in follow up on your ticket. I have made sure to bring it to the attention of the tech team and you should be hearing back from them in the near future. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you as well, thanks!

Mods… thank you both. Support got back to me as you said. It is appreciated.

Does Wyze have a recommendation on how often to re-format a working Wyze microSD card? I’ve read here on the clickity-click that re-formatting memory cards occasionally is good to do, but I’d like to hear from the team that sells, supports, and, warranties their card. Thx.

Hello @tbagcam, once the card is already formatted to the camera and saving the footage to the card properly you don’t have to reformat the card again since this can possibly cause the card to run into a writing error.