Wyze branded MicroSD Defective?

Hello guys, recently purchased a WyzeCam v2 with Wyze branded 32GB micro SD included in the bundle (from Home Depot). Very pleased with camera itself and all of that but seems to be having an issue with microSD card and local recording, MicroSD card was recognized and shows as only having 1.86G capacity instead of close to 32GB as expected.

On same token I go into playback to see what has been recorded locally to card and there is nothing there. I had it set to continuous and nothing ever records, setting it to events only same results. Nothing is recorded. So right now all I see are events in 12 secs increments on the cloud I presume.

Didn’t find any other posts with same issue. Wondering if anyone can shed some light.

Can you put the SD card in a computer and check it there?
Regardless start a support ticket.

I purchased mine through Amazon and had the same exact issue. After a couple of days I gave up trying to fix the problem myself and I returned it and received a credit from Amazon. I re-ordered a different brand and it worked perfectly.

For what it’s worth, I have several of the Wyze branded cards and so far have not had a problem. I don’t positively remember, but I assume I formatted them in the cameras.