Recording gaps

Has anybody else had this problem , I have my camera set on continuous recording a cpl days ago my car was parked in front of my apartment like usual i have the camera set up solely to watch my vehicle. There was a refrigerator in the grass directly even with the back of my car the video shows the guy come up set the dolly then poof the fridge is gone theres a 39 second gap in the feed at the exact mommet they damaged my car but i cant see it!!!

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Have you pulled the SD card from the cam and tried to view that 1 minute MP4 video on a computer or other device with a card reader?

Not yet…

Was just curious if the video loss was due to a recording malfunction by the cam, a corrupt sector on the card, a data loss in the WiFi transfer, or a malfunction in the app player.

If the raw video file is significantly smaller than the rest, it is most likely a bad sector on the card. A malfunctioning cam would be repeating the behavior in multiple video files on the card. the player malfunctioning would repeat the same randomly in multiple video times but would not show in the card raw file.

When you play the mp4 on another device, if it does it every single time with that file but there is no other video file with that anomaly, I would suspect the card.


Tried playing the files on laptop no change. .

Originally Wyze used to say their cameras were not for security, they should stick with that considering all the issues that their cams and firmware/app have…

I tried the latest update for the V3’s on 2 out of 16 of my V3’s, well those two V3’s now have recording issues too…

If you updated to firmware, that’s why…
Whyze pulled that firmware from their updates… :thinking:

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Any possibility that you can post that video file from the SD card?

What firmware and app version are you currently running?