SD card continuous recording playback on wyzecam v1 skipping every hour

Has anyone noticed on their wyzecam v1 where the camera cuts out every hour or so? I have it on SD card continuous recording. When I use the playback, I noticed there are white bars every hour or so indicating that the recording did not get made. When I try to play it where the white bar is, it says no video at selected time. It only occurred on 2/3 if my wyzecam v1s though. Maybe this is an SD card issue? I don’t have the issue with any of my v2s or wyzecam pan though.

There is a simillar thread on this:

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Thanks. I didn’t find it when I searched the threads. I didn’t think to search gaps though. Can you merge my post with the other one? There doesn’t seem to be a resolution from what I’ve read… My gaps were different than the one posted. My gaps were almost every hour consistently.

Actually, that’s how I found it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can merge it, but I think I saw at least one other post similar to what you were describing. I just haven’t been able to find it yet. If I do, I’ll merge yours with it. :slight_smile:

Cool. I meant I didn’t think to search gaps not u.

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OH! :rofl:

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