Is it possible to turn off firmware auto update?

I would like to make use of my beta thermostat but need to figure out if I can insure it doesn’t get any production software updates which appear to brick them. Is there a setting for any/all of the Wyze devices that allow you to manually choose to update or not?

I guess I’m confused, was there a hardware difference with the original Beta thermostat?

Normally some may want to protect themselves from Beta firmware updates, but not normal updates. To protect yourself from Beta firmware updates you would go to the Account tab > About > Beta Program, and unselect any devices you don’t want to see Beta firmware updates on.

If you are worried about normal firmware updates, know they are just a tested version of Beta firmware updates. So they should be safer, not more worrisome.

There is some type of difference between the two. Trying to run the production firmware on the beta unit would brick it.

Well, in theory all Beta firmware is just production firmware in test, so not running anything past a certain revision would make more sense.