Wyze thermostat firmware update blocking use of thermostat

Why on earth is an un-escapable update popup window blocking an essential device like a thermostat?

This is completely unacceptable.

On a camera, you get away with it, because it’s not an essential device, but on a thermostat, the update must ALWAYS be skippable. It’s -10 F outside and I NEED my thermostat to work - I can’t take a chance on an update that might brick it when the temperature is this cold outside.

Also, there’s no indication of what this “Required” thermostat update does. I go to the firmware update notes page, and the most recent update is from last march, which I did install over the summer.


Sounds like it is trying to force you to update to the beta firmware. Are you enrolled in Beta for the thermostat? Can you post a screenshot of it and maybe a log? I am sure this is on accident. Beta firmware is never supposed to do this anyway.

I don’t have the beta enabled - it appears that some sort of wyze firmware version detection problem is seeing my currently installed thermostat firmware, which is 1.2.7 as “1.2…” so it wants me to update to the “new version” which is … 1.2.7.

Maybe my thermostat is dying? No idea, but it doesn’t change the fact that in no circumstance - even for a critical security update - should a thermostat ever force an update. Luckily I can still control it through the knob, but I cant even get in to submit a log, as there is no way to dismiss the “update required” popup.

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Go to the account tab → Wyze support → Submit a Log → Thermostat → Whatever you feel is most applicable → Leave a quick note → Submit

Now it’s working fine, no firmware popup and no update.

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Awesome. Please post again and feel free to tag me if you see anything like that again. I will nearly always give support and advocate against non-dismissable pop-ups like that.

At WORST a company should let us know something is REALLY critical with a disclaimer and still let us choose to dismiss it. If it really is super critical, then they are welcome to keep asking every time we load it back up, but never should it force us and lock us out of access until we do it.

Will you still go into settings and submit a log so we can potentially pass that on to a dev? That is a really crazy abnormality. It also didn’t happen to me on my Wyze thermostat. I am curious why such a weird thing happened to you on yours.

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As an added bonus, we can use that same log to help Jason with the Fix-it-Friday Thermostat offline issue I got added into FIF for you. Your log will be able to help with 2 things. :slight_smile:

Log number 1292943 submitted.


This should not be happening. If you are on 1.2.7 and NOT in the beta program you shouldn’t even be prompted to update. I will get this passed up and see what I can find out but may not know much until at least Monday.

I would also like to say thank you @speadie for all the help you give users with the thermostat, it is very appreciated.