Beta vs Production firmware for Wyze devices

How do we know if we are getting Beta firmware loading for each device?

is there an identifier in the firmware revision number that designates Beta vs Production firmware releases?

I am signed up for Beta for all my Wyze Cam devices.

For example, my listed firmware for my Floodlight Pro cam is showing as production release. ??

Could it be posted in the beta forum? Just a guess as I am not a tester.

If you are ALREADY on that firmware version, it might be easiest to refer to the release notes.

If your firmware is listed there, then it is public production firmware. If not, it’s Beta.

If you haven’t updated yet and are wondering if a new firmware update is production or beta, you can go to the bulk firmware update page in the account tab → Firmware update - There it will show up a little orange/yellow “Beta” badge next to the firmware version if you are going to be updating to a beta firmware instead of production firmware.


I believe that if the production firmware update is the most recent that will be the one the device runs. This based off of my personal experience and what I’ve noticed. So… I could be wrong, but that’s my best guess :slightly_smiling_face:

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So do we search the Beta Forum to see if a product has an active Beta release or are the Beta releases listed somewhere like production firmware list.

It seems we search beta forum?

And that Beta firmware is not differentiated in any way from production.

Just seeing if I am missing something in how Beta works.

Have you selected the devices you want running beta firmware in the app?

This is absolutely correct.

In some cases. If the production version launches from beta with no changes, then it will keep the same firmware version as the beta had and be identical for all intents and purposes.

Think of beta and production like this: You sign up for 1 of 2 tracts: beta or production.

If you stay on production (the default), you will only ever receive production firmware.

If you change to beta, then you will get both, and whichever firmware is the highest version number is the one your Device will use. So your Device will likely alternate. In some cases a firmware version may start as a “beta test” and when it shows to be adequately stable, they may then release it to the production tract people. But if they kept it exactly the same, you’ll have nothing new to update to because you installed it while it was beta, now it is considered production even though it never changed. In other cases they might make the production release have an increment in the version number and then you’ll get a new update along with everyone else on production.

So, sometimes the production version will end up being identical to the beta and sometimes it won’t. When it is identical, there won’t be an update for you when it gets announced because you already have it.

Basically the beta tract also gets all the same production updates, but it also gets a free extra test firmware versions in between.

A couple of years ago being in beta was extra fun because it usually meant getting a lot of cool new features early. Recently it seems like most of the updates are boring maintenance stuff though. :wink: still important, but not as exciting as new features. Still, we’re grateful to all the beta testers who continue to make sure to report bugs, etc.


And no, there is no magic number or flag that tells you that a version is a beta. Not a bad idea however. For example, with my light show software that I use, all production releases are Sx.y.z with the z being an even number - the current is S6.2.18. Beta versions always have an odd number for the last digit.


yes. done.

Doesn’t some of Wyze beta software have a (b) in it?


The app software does, but the device firmware does not - I think.

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I am wondering what would be a useful wishlist request for this or maybe just fine as is.

I would like a Wyze managed list like for Production products that shows current Beta for each product. They must have this for themselves.

or even a Wyze Beta forum post tagged at top of Beta forum like for rules list that shows current Beta for each product.

but maybe just not worth the effort due to frequency of changes…

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Yeah, it would be awesome if all beta firmware ended in a “b” like the app beta versions. I’m not sure if the devices were setup to support letters in a firmware version though. Mostly I think it should since the version has multiple decimal symbols, so it’s not like it can be a field limited to integer or float number types. Maybe some other structure limitation with certain scripts that expect to see the structure a certain way though. If like them to test it out internally and see how feasible it would be to add something like a b to the version number to indicate it is beta and then it can work similar to how they manage app versions, making everything more consistent.

I’m going to remind myself to bring this up in an AMA sometime. #AMA2ASK

Great idea.

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I actually like that they don’t have special beta firmware numbers, it means if a beta firmware is promoted to “release” then you don’t have to update again just to get a new version. It also reduces the chance of Wyze accidentally messing something up when rebuilding to update the version number.

I do agree that they could be a lot better at how they structure release notes, even for release firmware it is getting messy to navigate through the long list of devices. Having a direct link from the app to the actual release notes for that version, with an indication of if it is beta, would simplify the user experience a lot.


This would be adequate & work well. I agree with benefits of not rebuilding.

If beta was added to descriptors we could select/search and see what has active Beta releases. This without actually impacting the code.

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That’s a fair point and a good rationale, along with a great alternative solution that would work well. :+1:

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