Is it possible to angle the window mount?

I’ve had the catalytic converter on my Honda stolen twice within a year while parked in front of my apartment.
I got the Wyze Camera v3 with window mount after the second time…
I’d like to get a straight-on view of my parking space, Right now it is at the very edge and makes setting an accurate detection zone difficult.

Has anyone managed to angle their window mount?

I don’t know of a way to angle the Wyze mount, but @victormaletic has posted some interesting do-it-yourself projects on the subject:


Cat Cage or Clamp is one solution to make it take longer that a minute to steal

Cat Clamp or a Cat Shield is in this weblink

You could also add a wire wrapped around protective cable connected to a low coil current relay that once cut would sound horn until cut wire is repaired…

You could add a switch in-line on the wires to horn button to disable once tripped, have switch in cab of vehicle. Also I would recommend a high gauge wire (small/thin) that has high temperature insulation and intricately wrap this wire around all or most the cables but avoid contact with the hot catalytic.

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If you get WiFi signal at your vehicle you could use a 12 volt to 5 volt micro-usb adapter connected to cars battery to power camera on the car.

Probably would be a pain in the butt to connect and disconnect every night but since it is magnetic you could place under vehicle every night aimed at catalytic. Just wire the power adapter permanently so you just have to plug in and aim camera nightly…

12 volt input to 5 volt output micro-USB cable (adapter)

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Hello People.
I am almost finished with working up STL files for about 60 different combinations of Left, Right, Down, and Up aimed window holder/glare shields for the V3 camera at 5° increments. My intent is for the user to estimate or measure the amount of Left or Right and or Down angle needed for their through-the-window camera placement. Using the aim angles obtained, they would select the nearest free STl file I will list.
Also, I will make available a window-mounted V3 ribbon cord anchor and a nice-looking filler plate for the bottom of the camera notch occurring when the magnetic base is removed.

Check out the attachments

Camera Remove and Insert

(Attachment V3 3mm Base Filler Plate.stl is missing)

(Attachment V3 3mm Cord Anchor.stl is missing)

(Attachment V3 Ribbon Cord Anchor.stl is missing)


I have corrected a mistake in my write-up. The aim angle increments are 5°, not 10°.
Attached are some links for the filler plate and the cord anchors STL files.

Filler Plate

Ribbon Cord Anchor

3mm Cord Anchor

Till later, Victor.

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Where can O get one?