Window mount: was this idea tested?

I’ve recently got a V3 cam + matching window mount and discovered that it doesn’t quite work for me where I initially wanted to put it.

But it works better in an upstairs window, albeit with a downward tilt: not perfect, but it’s better than downstairs, though I have to mask the blue/red LED not to have a “midnight sun” effect in my videos.

Q: was a mount with a slight downward tilt ever prototyped? The mount would be flush against the window pane, minimising glare & reflection. Sure, it would be better if I could mount the camera outside, but I cannot, hence it living inside.

It’s one of these times when I wish I had a 3d printer…

Have I got a poster for you…


Ah! So I’m not the first one who thought of this!

(BTW, good work @victormaletic.)

So, WyzeLabs, do you have such a modified window mount on the drawing boards?

Edit.: Just to be clear: I’m not talking about a wedge to add to the existing window mount, like Victor did, I’m talking about a redesigned mount that angles a V3 camera downward, about 25 degrees.

It’s a V3. You can turn off the blue\red LED status light.



Well, TIL. Did not notice that before. Good to know, thanks.

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:+1: I have 3 V3 shooting thru double pane glass sitting on top of the bottom sash (2) and on the ledge (1). Learned real quick that I can’t use the LED or IR.

Hello @majb.v3
Perhaps this post link will help you Print a Look-Through-Window at Selected View Angles w Back Light Shield for V3 Camera .

The wedge adaptors for the Wyze Window Mounts were meant to provide some aiming ability to an otherwise fixed device. later a tether accessory was added to increase the staying power of the tape used to mount the assembled units.
The link above is to an earlier post of mine that provides links to 110 different aiming directions in 5° intervals from straight ahead to left, right, up, or down in any combination. I just tried the link in the original post and it works. All of the printable STL files are free to download and print.
Below is a picture of a square tube camera holder aimed 20° down and 25° right with a backlight shield that was printed for free at my public library (your local library may provide the same service?). Note that the magnetic undercarriage of the camera is removed to reduce weight and produce a sleeker appearance. I prefer the simplicity of fixed aim camera support that is less likely to be disturbed by dusting or the motions of blinds or curtains.
Maybe I will make a 3D printed adjustable camera support?

This second picture shows a cord anchor used for cord management and weight strain relief from the camera.

Till later Victor.


Thank you for your kind- :heart: ed boost @Customer. I think others will get some useful information from your direction.