Is a siren or repeater available products for Wyze?

Does a siren or repeater available on wyze products list? I purchased a monitor system and prefer to have an outdoor siren as the one on the hub is weak and not load enough to hear from outside the house. Also, I was planning to monitor a door from our barn located at 100ft away from the hub but is too far away for sensor to communicate with the hub.

Not at this time. They were looking into adding one at one point, but it almost certainly won’t happen this year.

What they have allowed for now is that we can make cameras trigger their siren based on the HMS alarm too. We can also buy a third party siren that attached to a Wyze Plug and have the Wyze plug turn on the loud siren when the HMS alarm is triggered, and turn it off when the alarm is disarmed. So there are several options to do this still.

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Looks like you also have a wishlist item for the same request.


Yes, I added here a question if the parts are available just in case somebody knows.

Just wondering why the forum doesn’t have a dedicated category for Wyze Monitoring System?

There is, the #services catagory.