Add a device that interfaces external siren(s)

Since I am using this for home security (just signed up for monitoring, but could envision this being useful without it), I’d like a way to interface with one or more louder external sirens.

I can see this as just another device that you can set up a rule for and adjust settings on, or even a device that works with Sense Hub.

It would accept instructions and settings, and based on logic set up, would activate or deactivate the external siren. External siren might need to have its own 110v in the US or perhaps the device can have 110v passthrough based on relays. Note, Sirens often have more than one input based on the type of siren tone you want to hear (solid tone, warble, etc) for different purposes such as burglary, fire, etc. So this might be considered when paired with a keypad.

Ad me to the wishlist! External sirens are a must have!

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Look at this stuff. You can put sensors our 1/4 mile from your house and place the sirens where ever you wish.

And the Wyze HMS integration functionality?

Michael, because Wyze does not offer an external Siren for the HMS (but should) and quarantines the HMS from the rest of the digital universe (and shouldn’t) as it pertains to rules and routines, it is difficult to work around the current limitations and restrictions.

But, where there is a will there is a way.

Check out this creative workaround post in a Wishlist topic for the same idea. Vote there too if you like it.