Is 0.0 KB/s here to stay forever?

After having several Wyze cameras (V2, V3, Pan Cam, Outdoor Cam) for a while now at three different address locations and somewhat often having the video stream go down to 0.0 KB/s, even if a camera is 10 feet away from the wireless router, despite having 1 GB fiber/cable internet at each location, and despite having different routers with different settings, can it be safe to assume that this problem is server side?

I’ve never had this issue with a few of my other cameras from different brands that don’t connect to a cloud, so this further leads me to believe that it is an issue with the servers that Wyze uses.

I think we all see that from time to time. Annoying.

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Out of curiosity,

Can you provide the App Version, Device you are using to view the streams, and Firmware of one of the devices having the issue.

I am asking because I had the exact same issue and it turned out to be my Router and potentially the Trend Micro Security built in to it. Before I figured that out, I ended up switching to the ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8) and my issues went away.

When this happened to me, I would do the following and it cleared up for a short period of time:

  • Clear the Cache from within the app
  • If you are using Android, do a Force Stop and Clear the Cache form the phone itself
  • Restart the phone and app

Then test to see if it streams

  • In addition, I would reboot the router and then streamed. At this point everything worked as expected.

I had the TPLink Deco P7, then the TPLink Deco X60 - both had the same issues. Other items on my network worked fine, but TPLink seemed to not handle the streaming demands of the camera’s.

Once I changed to the first mentioned router, and turned off the following:

The Two-Way Intrusion Prevention System protects any device connected to the network from spam or DDoS attacks. It also blocks malicious incoming packets to protect your router from network vulnerability attacks, such as Shellshocked, Heartbleed, Bitcoin mining, and ransomware. Additionally, Two-Way IPS detects suspicious outgoing packets from infected devices and avoids botnet attacks.

Things started working without issues.

So, if you have Security turned on within the router, try turning it off as a test, reboot the router, and see if things clear up.

I never have 0 KB/s unless something is broken. Too far from the router? Bad router? Bad camera? Something is broke here. Not a normal thing at all in my experience.

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Your video live stream, or lack of in your case of 0.0KB/s, is not going to or coming from the cloud or Wyze server… it is between your cam and your phone/tablet over your local network. I sometimes encounter this issue when I’ve moved from one side of the house to the other or between floors, start up a live stream and my phone hasn’t switched over to the nearest mesh AP.