Cameras not working, low signal, what is happening?

Wyze community and moderators,

I really need your help. I have been suffering for a couple of months already because all cameras (v2, v3, Pan) have a very variable and poor KB/s data transmission, Please see both attached videos (one with WIFI and the other without WIFI on the phone).

I have tried everything, included creating a wifi network (using the guest feature of my MESH Wifi 6 router [ TPLink DX 20), only with 2.4 and not with 5G activated. KB/s go up, to 50-100, then down to 0, and stays there, no signal.

Cameras are useless now, I cannot rely on them, and unfortunately I have no idea what’s wrong. If any one can help, great, but if not, I believe I’ll have to move away from Wyze, which is unfortunate, I really like their products.

Fingers crossed!

Sorry to see you are having issues. I too experienced that for sometime. One thing to try is to turn off Trend Micro and see if that corrects it. In my research, I have read where TPLink Deco’s had problems with continuous streams and you could see the same issue you and I experienced. Trend Micro seemed to exasperate it.

Another alternative, and one you need to make the decision on is to replace your router setup. I had the TPLink Deco P7 and then the TPLink Deco x60, all had the issue you reported. After learning that the TPLinks Deco’s have an issue with some forms of continual streaming, I decided to try a new router setup.Enter the ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8) as it allowed me to control the router better and obtain more detailed logs on what is happening. These were not cheap but they did resolve my issue and where I needed 3 Deco’s, I only needed 2 ASUS ZenWifi’s. In addition, the distance it covered exceeded that of the Deco’s. I like the Mesh Network with WiFi 6. It allows me to set the network the way I want and still take advantage of the Mesh. I personally left the Mesh intact and the WiFi devices seem to function without issue.

@R.Good uses a TPLink Gaming router which is more affordable for some and indicates that it does work well also. Maybe he can provide his setup as well.

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