Iris by Lowe's

I think it would be nice to see if it would be possible to revive the Iris by Lowe’s IH-200 and IH-300 hubs, to help avoid environmental pollution from older smart home equipment. Same could be said about their camera systems. With this possible integration Wyze could have a faster rollout entering in to the Smart Home Security catagory.

Iris by Lowe’s was shut down on March 31. Are you asking for Wyze to integrate with a service that no longer exists?

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Iris by Lowe’s being shutdown is how I found WYZE lol.

I think what @neoleo2003 is referring to is to integrate the components that made up the Iris system. I still use all my sensors in SmartThings. The cameras I abandoned for WYZE although I did get those to partially work in SmartThings. The hubs are completely useless. I don’t see WYZE doing that since the hubs are really the only thing that were not salvageable and I am not sure how they would get WYZE firmware on to them if they were to try. That would be a lot of work for pretty much zero revenue.


I beta tested that product for over 3 months, I can understand why it was dropped. The product was cheap and not very well supported, that was two strikes against it. At least they did a refund unlike another company I won’t mention who will be starting to charge for their service.

I beg to differ. I had the Iris system for over four years. They proved much better than other systems at the time. Their only hang up was poor marketing in stores and very slow roll out of their products. I now have my old devices on SmartThings, Ring Alarm, and Hubitat the biggest issue is the drain that those systems cause on the batteries. I think that their pricing for their devices was also the best. The service cost was also very competitive, Ring is cheeper but their devices are also very costly in comparison. My main idea was to repurpose something that is headded toards the landfill. It’s great to have new products, but things need to be made to last longer than a few years.