IR nightvision

Aloha folks,

I recently installed a camera up on my garage. I live on a fairly busy street and someone hit my car parked in front of my house a few nights ago. Of course I didn’t install the camera until after my car got hit… That being said I noticed upon playback of footage captured during the evening hours on my newly installed garage cam gets washed out by vehicle headlights. Is there any fix to this? Am I doing something wrong? I want to be prepared the next time someone decides to hit and run my vehicle. Please advise.

Vehicle headlights can tend to wash out a night vision image. If you post a photo of what you are seeing other users may be able to help you aim it as to minimize the effects of the headlights.

Not a direct answer really but if you have sufficient street lighting you might find you don’t need to enable night mode at all…

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Which camera do you have? V2, Pan, Outdoor?

I have a a Pan cam

Let me suggest again to try with night mode disabled. Play with the settings and see if something works out.

Also depending on where you have it, you might be able to adjust the angle of the cam or move it a little to make a blind spot to block the worst of the headlights.

As others have suggested, try turning off night mode. In any case, turn Night Vision IR lights off under Advanced settings.
Since the Pan and V2 cameras were designed for inside use all the IR lights do outside is attract bugs. :blush: