I'd like the headlight problem back

I know that some do not want the cam to record the headlights of cars driving by at night. Mine used to and I found that to be a useful feature due to my location. I knew if someone had driven down my 800 foot driveway at night even though all the camera would record was headlights and a rough shape.

I do NOT use the night vision because all it does is draw bugs and consequently several recordings of insects. I do have a halogen security light over a door but as with the night vision it draws bugs and you get covered with them if you use that door.

I have the AI set for people and vehicles, and use the detection zones.

I have noticed that the camera doesn’t record shadows as much from trees moving, helicopters, or clouds going over.

I assume that one of the latest updates took care of the headlight problem but is there a way I can get it back?

Have you tried increasing the Motion Detection Setting? My regular v3 seems to still record headlights set at 90.

My cameras haven’t been recording headlights lately either and I haven’t made any setting changes.

I came home late last night and neither the V3 or the V3-pan picked up my headlights coming down the driveway or the car. And this was with an exterior light on! Very disappointing. The V3 picked up deer and cats during the night (with an outside light on) but won’t pick up cars??

I don’t suppose anyone from WYZE monitors this forum and can chime in?

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I guess no one from WYZE reads these.

One camera records squirrels, rabbits, and shadows of trees and tags them as vehicles during the day.

A few weeks ago both cameras recording me coming home late at night which made me happy but then I processed an update and that screwed that up!!!

Now I’m back to neither camera recording cars at night.