Iphone locked up twice after downloading new firmware

I’m new to Iphones and I just bought an SE with ios 14.6 (18f72). I had one Wyse pan cam outside and bought another to view some new cats exploring the house at night. Yesterday after downloading the latest Wyse firmware, I had the iphone totally lock up while playing with the cam. No button press not matter how long would get me out of an also locked up Wyse cam view. I could not even get the phone to reboot. This lasted a couple of minutes or more and happened at least twice. This was with the new pan cam and right after I downloaded the new firmware. I just noticed that while both cams say they have the latest firmware the outside older cam has How can they both be “up to date, lol?” I think there was a free trial of some plus software operating when I turned on this new cam that might been the cause of this. The user interface is a bit foreign to me and I somehow stumbled into how to turn it off which I think might have stopped it from locking up. I was having issues with the auto night vision not coming on in the dark room too when it just locked up suddenly. Just a lot of bizarre behavior before it locked up everything and I thought it had bricked my new iphone, lol.

I’d unplug the camera and plug it back in that would probably fix it ! Or it didn’t finish the update and it crashed ? Did you have multiple cameras updating or was it just one ? This is most bizarre hopefully someone else has more opinions on the matter

I think both cameras must have updated and it cleanly finished the update. I am only pretty sure the bizarre behavior started later but not positive. My phone was totally locked up for several minutes. Normally a hard restart will ALWAYS overcome a software issue like this but not this time. And why two different versions of firmware unless the older cam can’t use the newer version? I’ll try again tonight with it to see if I can be more methodical in locking it up, lol.

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I just had a similar issue – the app freezing the phone, but in a weird way – after installing a firmware update to a new v1 camera.

Everything updated fine, as far as I can tell, and I was changing some options when the screen just froze on the settings page. Here’s the weird part, the phone was still operating behind the WYZE settings display. I could “talk” to Siri and heard alerts pinging and such. But, the screen was completely unresponsive and I could force quit or force restart the phone (iPhone SE2020 with iOS 14.6)

Eventually, the phone put itself to sleep & when I woke it, the lock screen was displayed & everything went back to normal. Like I said, this is not the first time the app has done this.
Little unsettling.

My phone is locking up also with the app. I have iPhone XR. Today it locked up while I opened schedule recordings. I have it set to auto sleep after 30 seconds. It went dim but still showed wyze in the background. About 30-1 min later the phone shut off. I can’t do anything while it’s locked up. Scary. I’ve never had my phone do that before. I see wyze hasn’t posted a solution.