Wyze cam app freezes after installing updates

I’m using an iPhone SE (2020) and iPad mini gen 5. The past several times on both devices, if I install the Wyze cam app updates and subsequently go and launch the Wyze app, the app freezes and only displays the initial ‘WYZE’ screen. I’ve let it sit at that screen for several minutes and nothing else happens. If I close the app, then restart my iPhone or my iPad, the Wyze app launches and gets past the opening screen to show my cameras.
What’s going on with these app updates? This shouldn’t be happening. Looking forward to a tech support reply here please. Thanks!

I have the same iPhone and have not had any issues. I usually connect and let the app update with the phone connected to my home wi-fi network.

My wife has had the same issue with hers . iPhone 8. Latest iOS and latest wyze ap version.

Rebooting phone fixes it for a while.