iPhone 11 and Wyze cam pan issues won’t detect motion

Both wyze cam pans won’t detect motion. Only detects sound. On iPhone 11. Anyone else have this issue? Settings are chosen correctly. Redid set up process 3 times and same issue. Please help!


@Mavens got any ideas?

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Welcome to the community!
A couple of questions to clarify:

  1. when you say

Are you referring to recording motion-based events or showing the motion it sees on the screen while viewing?
-what are your settings in these three spots:


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I have to keep my distance here as I don’t use apple and I don’t have any pan cams.

but would you be able to upload screen shots of your settings page? there might be something simple in there missing. and are you looking for the 12 second clips and/ are you using an sd card?


I worked with customer service yesterday for an hour and she thought I would have to go back three firmaware updates back to get it to work.

All settings are correctly chosen.

Reinstalled camera 3 times and same issue.

The camera will not DETECT motion. Only sound. Even though all settings are correct. It’s not that I won’t get an alert when there is motion. The camera isnt even triggered by motion. I hope that makes sense.

Live view works fine and shows exactly what is in cameras view but does not detect/get triggered when there is motion to record an event. Only sound. And the sound has to be loud which sucks because sensitivity for motion and sound are both at 100%.


I am returning these. I shouldn’t have to go back two firmware updates to get a security camera to do its basic functions.

This issue is with both pan cameras which convinces me even more that it’s a firmware issue.

iPhone software is up to date.

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I’m in the same boat as you and I’m using the Android app on my pixel phone. See my post here:


Did you tried reflashing to previous firmware version and it works for you now?

I tried that but didn’t work for me…

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When you say ‘isn’t even triggered by motion’ I assume you mean that Motion Tracking is on. Does the cam move when motion crosses it’s FOV? When you set Motion Detection to on do you see the green boxes?
If the answers to those two are no then it sounds like you have done your due diligence! I hope they are replacing the cams for you. They have been good about that in the past with me. The pans are a more complex cam and with that seems to come additional problems. I’ve had a few but when I finally got them corrected the wider Field Of View and the Pan ability are really nice.

Hope it works out for you and don’t hesitate to post again with any other issues.

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You are even lucky you can connect. I upgraded from iPhone se to 11 pro and it works great connecting while on network at home. However it’s sporadic when on LTE. Will pull up main menu showing my 7 Cams but try to pull one up on live view is another thing. Old se pulled em up quickly but the cams can’t cut it with the new technology.