iPad2 suddenly started autolocking while displaying cam views

I have an iPad2 running iOS 9.3.5 (latest version available) that I use to monitor 4 Wyze cams at various times. This setup has been working well except for the for always defaulting to portrait mode “feature.”

However in the last few days, it seemed to stop disabling the iOS auto-lock while it is displaying video. This results in the screen quickly turning off and the camera connections getting dropped.

I found that on October 1, 2019, the Wyze app updated to version 2.5.53 (dated Sep 30, 2019—description: Added location permission popup for iOS 13). I suspected that was where the problem began happening.

But, over the weekend, I did enable the person detection in firmware on all the cameras and adjusted some notification settings for various cameras. So, it is possible that the problem is somehow related to one of those changes.

I originally had the auto-lock setting at 2 minutes. When I changed it to 5 minutes, it seemed to work fine. So then I changed it back to 2 minutes. And now it seems to be working ok again there. I’m posting this in case someone else encounters the same issue or I have it again.

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