Beta app crashing when attempting to go to Wyze Lock Screen/page...,

I’m not sure how long this could have possibly been an issue, as I rarely need to manually unlock my door (via the app, that is). Auto-unlock usually unlocks when I pull into my driveway, or within maybe 10-15 seconds after. I did notice that there was a little longer delay the last few days, but didn’t think much of it. Yesterday had to be a good minute or so before it unlocked. So not sure if that’s a related issue, but I digress…

Got home tonight, and the door didn’t auto-unlock. Opened the app, hit the lock icon, and the app crashes. Opened the app again, hit the lock icon, crash. Force closed the app, opened again, press lock icon, and crash. Restarted phone (hard restart), yada, yada, crash. Wound up opening the lock via keypad, came inside and opened the app on my iPad, hit the lock icon, and crash. So same issue. Wtf?

Cameras all function fine, and are accessible. Although I did get a handful of “person” notifications today, when not only was there not a person, but no movement at all.

Phone is an iPhone 11 Pro Max, running iOS 14.2, and Wyze app version 2.14.11.

The iPad is an iPad 12.9 Pro, running iOS 14.2, and the Wyze app is 2.13.22.

The lock hub shows firmware version

This is a known issue that they posted when releasing the beta as seen in the release notes here

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I had the same issue. I deleted the lock, and could not add it back on until the 2nd beta of iOS 14.2 was released last week. Once I added the lock back to my account, everything started working normally.
I would recommend updating to beta 2 of iOS 14.2. If you’ve already done that, delete the Lock Gateway (which will also delete the lock) and then add them back.

I’m on Android 10 with the Beta. App loads, but if I try to access any of my devices, it crashes. No matter what device, All I can do on load is scroll to the various devices.

would try deleting the app, rebooting the phone and reinstalling the app and see if that helps at all. What kind of phone are you using?

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Yep, that did it. All fixed. Thanks!


I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled. Still had the issue.

I deleted the beta app, downloaded the regular Wyze app, and it was still crashing.

Deleted the regular app, reinstalled the beta app, and the issue was still occurring.

I guess next step is to try deleting the gateway, reconnecting, and see how that goes. I’ll do that tomorrow, and keep my fingers crossed…

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