Wyze app crashes when accessing Lock Bolt

I participated in the Lock Bolt beta. A few months after the beta program finished, Wyze asked former beta testers to switch from the Lock Bolt Wyze beta app to the released version of the Wyze app – which I did. And it worked fine.

Until now. Now, when I try to access my lock using Wyze app version, it crashes. Every time. I can very briefly see the lock/unlock log, for about a second, and then the app is dead.

Anybody else seeing this?

Hm. Well, if you get into this situation, merely clearing your cache doesn’t resolve the situation. The chat agent recommended the old, sad solution of reinstalling the app. And the sad part is that this worked. I have a suspicion that some engineer made some sort of change without incorporating data migration code, nor even some sort of detection code that would tell customers they need to reinstall. Not super professional…

Someone else reported this on discord, and I don’t think it was resolved but Wyze is looking into it. Not sure if they were a beta user.

I am not experiencing this issue. I am using Android App version as well - assuming you have Android. Out of curiosity, I was wondering if you have Cleared cache from your Wyze App under Account>Appsettings and then logged out of the app?

If you indeed do have Android, I also long press the app go to App Info then Force Stop, Go to Storage and Cache and clear Cache there as well.

Restart your device then log back into the app and see if it works.

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I had already tried clearing the cache and restarting the app. Turns out you have to uninstall/reinstall the app to get past this problem.

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Interesting. I had an issue in the past with the Beta Version of the App where no BlueTooth connected devices worked for me. I also had to remove the app and install it again. The update to the existing app must have had issues. Bit since then it has been working well for me.

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