Wyze cam Ipad app multicam view no longer stays on screen

Suddenly this morning my Wyze cam app on Ipad will no longer keep the lock screen from coming on when I am in a mult-cam view. After a few seconds my lock screen comes on and it goes to black. It works fine for single camera view.

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So welcome and Happy forumversary. Long time reader, first time poster :smiley:

Just so I am clear, when you would view the cameras in a group view, the iPad would not auto lock, and recently it the Ipad is now locking when viewing a camera group?

What app version are you running on your Ipad? Did you update recently?

Yes this issue is only with multicam view. Previously the screen lock would not come on.

It appears that the app is up to date. It doesn’t show that any update is available. It shows 2.38.4 (3)

Two other things I notice is that previously I would see 4 cams (2 x2) per screen and I would have to swipe to the left to see the other two. Now I can almost see all 6 on one screen (3 rows and 2 cols) but I have to swipe up a little to see all of the bottom 2.

Also there appears to be some text added as the image is loading (“Loading live stream”). I don’t remember seeing that before.

Edit: And let me clarify that seeing more cameras per screen is fine. I just thought that might be relevant to show that something has changed about the app.

I have another iPad using Wyze app version 2.29.0 (a25) but does show that an update is available. It doesn’t have the issue with the lock screen.

Thank you for the detail… Let me see what I can find out.

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I have been told the Wyze team is aware and are looking into this item.

Can you check to see if this is following your Lock Screen setting for the iPad please.

Or is the timing of the lock different when viewing the cameras in a group than what you have set.

Thank you

Yes, that app version on iOS introduced the lock screen issue.

Happy 1 year forumversary @habib!

If you are seeing this can you verify if it is locking with the iPad lock time.

Thank You!

I’m also having an issue after updating the app – ipad in landsacape mode used to automatically go full screen to the group of cameras (which would prevent a screen timeout). This is used for baby cameras… now it’s a horizantal group with a bunch of white background (instead of black in the normal full screen) and the screen timeout takes effect, rather than keeping the video on screen.

And to clarify, I hadn’t updated the app in a while but it had been working solid for months on end.

Thank you.
Fortunately I did not update the iPad to 2.38.4 , it is still on 2.38.0 and is working fine. I have no issues. Also I downgraded my iPhone from 2.38.4 to 2.38.0. I hate the interface changes that Wyze introduced in the new version.

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Exactly why I hate the new interface not to mention when going back from a single view it doesn’t take you back to group view.

Yep, same.

Yes my iPad screen timeout is set to 30 seconds and that’s how long the group camera view will last before going to the lock screen.

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Same here - and this did not used to be an issue before the recent update.

I am having the same issue and it is also an issue with the iPhone. I keep an old iPhone 5s up with multicam view and it does the same thing. I hope they fix it soon.

I just updated to 2.39 but unfortunately it looks like this is still broken. I’m very disappointed.

This is now fixed in 2.40