IP Address shown in Device Info doesn't update if the IP changes

If the IP that a device (cam v2 and v3 and the vacuum, all I currently have) changes (I changed my DHCP range), the device still works fine, but the info in the Device Info section does not update to match.
A reboot does update the info.

Not a huge issue as I’m setting static reservations on everything anyway, But thought I’d mention it (I didn’t see anything in search)

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Camera boot or router boot?

Camera reboot.

The new DHCP range will likely be for new connections only, and existing connections are still honored, until you reboot the camera.

Or reboot the router, in which case, all devices are forced to reconnect and will be given new IPs.

I don’t see a problem with the Wyze app in this case.

The new DHCP range takes affect at the next IP renewal, My max lease time is set for 15 minutes (because I knew I was going to be doing this change, and that makes it faster to apply for all clients).
The camera picks up a new IP in the new range just fine, I can tell my looking at the leases and checking for the MAC of the camera. The app just doesn’t update the info (or maybe the camera doesn’t send it, no idea which).

If you reboot a router, the devices will still happily keep their same IP lease until it’s half over when it will check in again to renew it, and depending on the router settings, it will keep the same one or get a new one. If you reboot the wireless, wireless devices will renew their lease when reconnecting. (my router and wifi are separate devices).

Any new device on my network is assigned a reserved IP address associated with its MAC address. It is then assigned to a group which allows only those ports enabled to the respective server addresses. :thinking:

Yes, this means if a visitor gets a new iPhone I need to manually replace their old MAC address. Yes, it is a hassle and not fool proof but just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me. . . :worried: :laughing:

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