iOS Update 2.5.53 Released!

We have released iOS version 2.5.53 today!

If someone uses iOS 13+ without location permissions enabled for our app, Wyze Bulb and Plug setup cannot be completed because the Wyze app will not know if the product has been connected successfully. We have added a popup to the iOS Wyze app to reduce the impact.


A few things about this new iOS 13 location requirement:

No, neither Wyze nor Apple are tracking your location when you set up a device. Apple says SSIDs (network names) can be used to track your location. So in iOS 13 they made a requirement that only apps with permission to see your networks are allowed to see them. Because this is a location-related permission, they are doing that using the specific app’s location permission setting.

You can turn off the location permission again once the device is set up (System Settings > Wyze app).

Affected devices include Wyze Bulbs and Plugs (any devices where you need to see their Wi-Fi network). The cams are setup using a QR code, and should be unaffected.

This only applies to iOS 13 users at this time.


Thanks, Newshound! :slight_smile:

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… and iPadOS 13 users! :wink:

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Someone’s experience for the Devs, Gwen. Not sure if this is because they previously gave access, or what:

“However, leaving location services in “Never” does NOT trigger the pop-up asking for access”

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This still does not work…

Wyze App - 2.5.53
iOS - 13.1.2
Location Services - ALWAYS ON

At step 4… once I connect to the plug or bulb and come back to the wye app nothing happens. It just stays there.

So I’m completely confused… :man_shrugging:

Id appreciate any assistance possible.


Sorry to hear about the trouble, @chadcp1! I’d recommend contacting our support team so that we can look into this with you. Though I hope you were able to get everything working again before I got back!

Support Request Form

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I did that… They sent me somethings to do and it still hasn’t worked.

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Keep working with them. At the end they may determine the product has to be replaced.

Also, take a look at this list and make sure none of these caveats are affecting you:

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Well, dang. I hope that you’re all able to get it working soon! Just to check, did you tell them the advice didn’t do the trick?

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