Turn Off Allow Location Access Popup

Please TURN OFF the setting/Popup “Turn on your Location to let Wyze scan nearby Wi-FI Networks while in Travel Mode”

I have clicked the “No thanks” many times an it keeps popping.

I do not want you to have access my location nor to you required it to provide me access to my personal cameras.

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We’re super sorry about that. We’re working on a fix and, if all goes to plan, there will be an app update later this week to prevent the popup from happening when it shouldn’t. Thank you for reporting this and for your patience. The popup would be needed sometimes but it’s definitely acting in a way that it shouldn’t.

Alright, the popup issue should be fixed with today’s 2.18.44 iOS release. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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thank you
Wayne Szydtowski


Just bought some Plugs to add to my two Cam Pans already in successful use for some time. In trying to setup the Plugs, I was shocked to find that the app requires access to my phone location in order to complete setup, Please change this, as location should be a protected user security measure. If there is concern about proximity during setup, instead please allow configuration via bluetooth (inherently short range) or, as used to be, having the Plug broadcast its own WiFi network to which a temporary connection can be made for configuration to the “real” operating WiFi network.

Requiring app access to phone location feels like an unnecessary way to map user locations and associate devices to locations, which only adds user privacy and security risk!