App Incessantly Requests Location Access — Make it Stop!

Ever since the latest (2.18.43) iOS update to the Wyze App, it repeatedly asks me to enable location services so it can “scan nearby WiFi networks while in Travel Mode” I repeatedly click “No Thank You” but the request pops up incessantly: every time I open the app and then randomly while I’m using the app.

I closed the app entirely (so it’s not even running in the background) and rebooted the iPhone (up to date iOS). Didn’t help. I went to settings and toggled location services on then back off for the Wyze App, Didn’t help. I went through the Wyze App settings and turned off every type of notification possible. Didn’t help. I don’t see any settings related to “Travel Mode” and have never enabled such a thing.

How do I make the app stop asking about location services? It has become unusable.

It’s a bug. Maybe they’ll address it. Plenty of similar posts on this issue.


Thanks. I looked everywhere for other posts, and apparently I’m bad at searching this forum.

I’m glad to hear it’s not just me, and in that case I’m sure it will be fixed.


Here’s one.

Got it. I expect they’ll get it fixed. Can’t happen too soon!

This article might help.

It doesn’t help with the doorbell because there isn’t a travel mode setting for that product.