In app notification about location

After I upgraded to the latest version of the app on iOS, the app keeps asking non stop to enable location so it can scan for Wi-Fi while traveling. Even if I say no, it still asks all the time, sometimes the notification overlap and I have to click on several times to make it to my cameras. Any ideas how I can make it stop, besides enabling the location ? I would rather not do that. The notification shows up all the time in whatever menu you are.

Same issues here please fix.

This is happening to me as well and it is very annoying.

Same issue here. Hope this bug gets fixed soon. It’s getting annoying.

Settings. Wyze. Uncheck local network. Worked for me. Latest iOS on iPhone XR and last app version.
Also, new firmware available, maybe an official fix

Same here, Please stop. It makes sense to ask once or twice but it is every time I open the app.

Hi, everyone!

We’re super sorry about that. We’re working on a fix and, if all goes to plan, there will be an app update later this week to prevent the popup from happening when it shouldn’t. Thank you for reporting this and for your patience.

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.
This works till new firmware is released: Settings. Wyze. Uncheck local network.

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I posted this in another forum thread. Seemed to have helped them out:

I believe that has to do with the new security protocols put in place by iOS. You will also see an option for Local Network, when this is off, it will not scan your network and you may have issues. I was just in another thread where someone turned it off and there issue of the prompt shown here, I believe, went away.

So you can try going into the iOS Settings App, scrolling to the bottom and select the Wyze App. Then turn off Local Network if it is on and see if this message goes away.

Here is a description
Local network privacy provides added transparency when apps connect to devices on a person’s home network . If your app interacts with devices using Bonjour or other local networking protocols, you must add support for local network privacy permissions in iOS 14.

Agreed, can work with this until an update arrives. Really appreciate the quick response. Thanks,