New iOS 14 settings for finding devices


Just updated to ios14 on iPhone. It is giving me the option to allow or not allow the following:
“Wyze would like to find and connect to devices on your local network.” This app allows to find devices…
What does this mean and is it safe to allow or should I “not allow”?
Thank you!

In short it’s giving the wyze app on your phone the ability to “broadcast” to your network. It’s just a way to view your devices while on the same network without having to reach out to the internet.

I just updated my Iphone to IOS 14. Apple has added a feature which can, and did with my IPhone, cause a major issue. It’s called WiFi Tracking and allows the new version to provide a random MAC address when joining or reconnecting with a network.
The first I realized that it was a problem (with my Eero Mesh) was when every Wyze device showed up as offline. Apparently it works with some WiFi and not others. Second clue was other apps began reporting Certificate issues.
This feature is buried in Settings/WiFi/(Click the Info Icon by the actual network), so it is specific to each network. Turning this off solved my problem (after much searching!)
It appears to occur with some WiFi systems and not others.


As of iOS 13, Apple says SSIDs (network names) can be used to track your location. So in iOS 13 they made a requirement that only apps with permission to see your networks are allowed to see them. Because this is a location-related permission, they are doing that using the specific app’s location permission setting.

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Interesting. I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about this. Out of curiosity did you grant the wyze app permission to use your location data?

Thank you! This is very relevant and helpful for our situation! Take care!

Yes- I set that to “Always”.

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