Bug in Wyze 2.5.45 - Setup using iOS app - iOS 13.1 - as well as 13.1.1

Got a new V2 camera this afternoon. When trying to set it up (connected to appropriate 2.4 GHz network) , Wi-Fi networks were never shown during the setup process (Step 4) and only listed is “Wi-Fi” in the network box, as well as the empty box for the Password.
Needless to say, even after filling in the password, processing with the setup from here fails (scanning of QR code is performed successfully and camera is trying to connect - assumingly to a network with the name “Wi-Fi”).

One can change (type in) the network name to the appropriate name, but even after that and hitting “Done”, nothing happens. Can’t proceed at all.

Assume this is an odd bug that coincided with upgrading to iOS 13.1 (I skipped iOS 13 and have not set up a camera since iOS 12.4). Updated iPhone to iOS 13.1.1 as well and no changes. Wyze app is 2.5.45 and there is no newer version in the App store.

Something for @WyzeGwendolyn to move up to the appropriate person/team.

(Camera was eventually set up using an old iPad iOS 10.3.4 and Wyze app 2.2.40 w/o issues and can be accessed w/o problems)

Hi, @Wellcraft19! Sorry to hear about this trouble. I’d recommend contacting our support team about this so they can help troubleshoot and then share this information through their channels.

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You should be able to fix this in iOS 13 by turning on location services for the Wyze app (Settings > Wyze) or by upgrading to the new app version, which will now tell you to turn on location services for the app.

You can turn off location services after setup. The permission is only needed so the app can see your networks, which Apple now says is a source of location information:

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@Newshound, @WyzeGwendolyn,
Updated the app. Turning on location services to “Ask Next Time” renders the pop-up asking (“Allow While Using App”, “Allow Once”, or “Don’t Allow”), so I’d say it is working. Leaving it in “While Using…”, or “Always” does not trigger the pop-up (which makes total sense).

However, leaving location services in “Never” does NOT trigger the pop-up asking for access. This tested several times after closing app before next test. It might be by design, but if set to “never”, then it’d be good to have a note (in the screen I shared above) that indicates something like “App needs access to location services in order for Network name to populate”.

That said, seems like typing in the network name (SSID) and password does work now as well (in case someone will not allow app to access location services services).

Bottom line, I guess I stumbled over something that was just happened to be in between app versions and in conjunction with iOS13.

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Thanks for the test. I’ll add your experience about never to the app’s update thread. :+1:

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Thanks for letting us know! I’ll share this with the team.