Initial WiFi Setup Fail

Just got my Wyze starter pack and was stopped in the setup process almost immediately.
I started setting up my v2 cam using my iOS app v2.6.62.

I followed the quick start guide and setup video exactly - I get to yellow light flashing and voice prompt “Ready to connect”.
The youtube startup video says the app will auto-populate the Wi-Fi SSID, but it does not. Even after manually entering the network info, the camera never gets to the next step and simply keeps repeating “Ready to connect”.
Yes, the phone is on the Wi-Fi network when doing setup.
Yes, the Wi-Fi network is 2.4GHz.
No, there is not a space at the end of the SSID name.
Yes, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks have different names.

Any idea what is going on here?

Sounds like you aren’t hearing “QR code scanned”?

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Same with @Newshound; on the part where the camera says “Ready to connect” there should be a QR code displayed on the phone app which you will show to the camera for it to scan, then it will continue the process of adding/pairing the camera to your account.

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Welcome jag304

This is correct - I never heard “QR Code Scanned” and I guess wasn’t waiting long enough.
It would have been helpful if the voice prompt was “Waiting to scan QR Code” instead of “Ready to Connect”, as it wasn’t clear the device had gotten to the next stage of setup.

I assumed that since the app didn’t auto-fill my SSID as it showed in the setup video that something was already wrong.

Either way, setting up now. Thanks!

Are you using iOS 13? Apple says SSIDs (network names) can be used to track your location. So in iOS 13 they made a requirement that only apps with permission to see your networks are allowed to see them. Because this is a location-related permission, they are doing that using the specific app’s location permission setting. So if your location permission for the Wyze app was off, a network name would have pre-filled.

Other than not pre-filling, there is no issue because the network info gets to the camera in the visual QR code.

When you do need that permission turned on, like with Plugs and Bulb setup, you can turn the permission off again as soon as the device is set up (System Settings > Wyze app).

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Did your phone display the QR code after you typed in your wifi info?

Yes, it did