I’m having trouble setting up my WyzeCam.

This video provides a step-by-step tutorial on setting up your WyzeCam.
Here are some tips to try if you’re having trouble setting up your WyzeCam:

  1. Verify that the operating system for your smartphone is 8.0+ for iOS or 5.0+ for Android.
  2. Make sure that the protective plastic film has been removed from the camera lens.
  3. Make sure you have your WiFi network name and password handy. The WyzeCam only works with 2.4GHz networks. If you have a dual band router (both 5GHz and 2.4GHz), make sure you enter the 2.4GHz WiFi name and password during the setup process.
  4. Check the WyzeCam’s LED indicator light status: After plugging in your WyzeCam, look at the LED status light on the back of the camera. It will start as solid yellow, then after approximately 20 seconds should change to flashing yellow. (Note: If the light stays solid yellow, it may be because the camera is not getting enough power. Make sure you are using the included power adapter and cable. If you are using the included power adapter and cable and still seeing a solid yellow light after 20 seconds, please contact our Support team at
  5. Follow the steps in the Wyze App to continue the set up. If you’re stuck on the QR code scan, please move on to the next troubleshooting topic.
A few other tips if you continue to see the “connection failed” message on your App:
  1. Make sure your router security protocol is set to WPA or WPA2. The WyzeCam does not support the WEP protocol, which is outdated and less secure.
  2. Try unplugging the camera from the power source, and resetting your router.
  3. When entering the WiFi password, – First, check to make sure the WiFi name entered is for the 2.4GHz WiFi network. If not, tap on the WiFi name field and type in the correct WiFi name. – Then, use the “peek” function to reveal your WiFi password and make sure you entered the correct password. – If you use the MAC filtering/white-listing function, temporarily turn it off to see if it makes a difference.
If you have completed these steps and are still having trouble setting up your camera, please contact our Support team at Please include the following information when sending an email to our Support team:

Wyze Account Email:
WyzeCam MAC Address:

*Note – your WyzeCam MAC address can be found on the bottom of your WyzeCam and should start with 94:51:…. Your Wyze account email address is the address that you use to log into your account on the Wyze App or the WyzeCam website. If you do not yet have an account, please write ‘no account’.

I bought FOUR of these cameras. After a little problem I was finally able to get 2 working at my office. I then purchased 2 to use at home. I can not get them to scan the qr. I have installed and reinstalled the app several times and now I can’t even get the 2 I did manage to work back to working. I emailed support, I have email tracker and I know my email was read but it was never answered. The MAC addresses were in the email. I’m finding support virtually non existent

There are a few things you can do to help scan the QR. First, make sure you removed the protective film from the camera. On your device with the app, turn the brightness all the way up. Start with your device about 4 inches from the camera and slowly pull it back to about 6 inches (or farther if you’re using a large screen device, like an iPad).

none of that worked

Maybe check this out Tips on Tuesday #1 10/31/2017: QR Code - YouTube
They note that LED lighting may make it harder to scan

no LED lights were even on. I hope you can help me get this working.

Power adapter could be bad. Have you tried a different power socket in another room?

on all FOUR cameras and yes I have tried different sockets

I too have one camera working, the other getting connection failed!

Regarding QR scanning, I’ve had to delete and re-setup my 3 cameras on a few occasions and have also had difficulty with this. If scanning during the daytime, I seem to have more success if I perform the scan far away from any windows. The sunlight and reflection seem to interfere with the process. Don’t know if it matters, but I use the app on an iPad Pro 9.7". My $.02 …

Hi, I’m having trouble getting one of my camera to install. I keep on getting timed out. My other cams connected fine

I am having connecting all five camera’s. Don’t have any other issues with other devices aside from wyzecam…

I have 3 Wyze cameras, they are having connectivity problems, they freeze on live view, and I cannot access the memory card. The problem is part Wyze camera and the type of modem you are using. I have two internet services that have different types of modems. I use two tablets and inexpensive Vankyo table and a Samsung Galaxy TAB A 128 GB. The Wyze cameras work with the cheaper tablet and the better Samsung with one internet service and neither work right with the other which has a different modem. I get 110 GB WiFi and the Wyze cameras still will not work at my other location I get 7 to 10 GB of WiFi on the other and they work fine with both tablets, and both are 2.4 Gz. It is a non compatibility problem with the Wyze and the modems I also have Ring alarm and 3 Ring cameras at this location along with the Wyze, the Ring is compatible with both internet modems, the Wyze with only the one. I’m going to change out the one modem that is not compatible with the Wyze camera.