Cannot complete setup

We purchased model WYZEC2 for my 93 year old dad, to improve security at his house. I’m trying to set it up for him, but the connection fails every time. I plug in the unit, press the setup button, wait for the voice command, scan the QR code, then wait for setup to complete. Each time I get an error message that setup failed. Any ideas? You can email me directly at [redacted].

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Sometimes setup actually succeeded even though it says it failed. Have you checked the home screen list to see if the camera shows up after force quitting and restarting the app?

If not, here’s the link to the Support Site. There is a good section on troubleshooting there.

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Also, sometimes it’s the environment, so check these separate items to be sure they aren’t interfering:

  • Camera must have access to a 2.4 GHz network.

  • When the app asks you to input your network name and password, click the closed eye at the end of the password line to see the password you enter. Remember the password is case-sensitive.

  • Turn any MAC filtering off during setup (you should know if you engaged this unusual item on your router.)

  • Sufficient range of DHCP network addresses must be available (some people restrict this).

  • If you have band steering on your router, know that some implementations won’t allow the Camera to connect to the 2.4 GHz network if the 5 GHz network is available. The solution is to turn off the broadcast of your 5 GHz network long enough to set up the Camera.

  • If you have a PLUME WiFi mesh network and your Camera times out repeatedly (you may also get a 404 error), then temporarily disable “Online Protection” and/or the “Advanced IoT Protection”, as they appear to block access to either Wyze or the Camera. After the camera is activated you can re-enable protections.

  • Set up the camera close to the router. Once all settings are in and the camera is working, it can be moved to the desired location and all the settings will remain.