IOS in app subscription purchasing is a scam - overcharges and no ability to get money back

I have been a big fan of Wyze, and have bought a lot of products from them as well as recommending them to others.

However, unfortunately that positive impression has gone entirely. I recently upgraded the number of licenses from 4 to 5 in the ios app and was charged as though I was ordering 5 additional licenses ($150). I was told by support to just contact Apple. I did that and they gave me a partial refund of $70 (the prorata amount of my initial subscription), but then cancelled the services entirely, so I am still $150 out of pocket.

I tried multiple time to explain this to Wyze support and they absolutely refused to help in any meaningful way - $20 credit was offered.,

I am really disappointed and will be migrating away from Wyze as soon as possible.

Subscription purchases made through the app have to go through Apple, get the Apple tax, and can’t be managed by Wyze. This means Wyze has absolutely no control over a refund, and Apple is the only one who can do anything.

We always recommend you purchase subscriptions through so Wyze can manage your subscription properly, and you can get a prorated refund if needed


You are blaming the wrong company. Blame Apple.

You ordered from Apple. Apple screwed the order up. Apple refused to fix their mistake. What did Wyze do? They offered you a $20 credit when they did nothing wrong.

Think about it.


Yea i has to learn the hard way

I bought the licenses through the Apple Store and I had 5 monthly cam plus license for $1.99 every month apple kept charging me $20 . Yes $20 !

Buy the licenses directly from the website . This reduced the taxes and also helps keep cam plus at such a low price !!

Hardly think Wyze is absolved of responsibility when the error originated in their app - I ordered from Wyze, it was fulfilled by their billing partner Apple. If the subscription mechanism as delivered through Apple is broken they should remove it immediately.

Wyze has benefited from my overcharge as was pointed out - money will be remitted from Apple to Wyze and could easily make it right by reinstating the subscriptions directly, I offered the receipts and even credit card statements.

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