iOS 2.5.45 and Android 2.5.28 Released!

Thanks for chiming in Greg, we appreciate the update.

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Excellent. Thanks for the update Greg.

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Hi all, thanks for all the great feedback and sorry for the issues with the new app. Like what Greg said, we’re working hard for solutions but in the meantime, if you’re having significant trouble with Android 2.5 version, we have V2.4.82 APK available for download through our website here.


Despite my frustrations with that new update, I still tell people they’re the best starter cams & sensors hands down. I have a local Micro Center, and have bought 10 for my family, we also utilize them at my work, on a very very small scale for Automation testing. Just keep listening to your users and I’ll continue to push the products, because I love them. Thanks for all the hard work, looking forward to the next update. @WyzeLi @WyzeGwendolyn @GregR @WyzeMike & others.


The fact they interact with their users as much as they do is one reason I really like this company


Glad to see that Wyze allowed a previous version APK to be downloaded, I hope that Wyze allows this as an option even if an APK doesn’t have issues.

Some older version Android devices would be usable with older versions installed,

I have some older Android products and luckily I was able to extract the APK on another older device to use in the unit I tried to update and was no longer compatible due to being older android version

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Would like to see you take down the current iOS version and replace with previous version. Just call it 2.5.46 so it looks like an update.

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Really, only reason I continue to remain a customer. You won’t generally find this type of interaction or support with the hundreds of Chinese mfgs.

I don’t see the link to the download on that page. Am I missing something?

Never mind, I see it now. I think I needed to refresh the page.


That’s great , some people are uncomfortable downloading the file from another site, I would think downloading it from Wyze site would ease their minds


Yes, I didn’t want to download it from an untrusted random website that I was unfamiliar with. I uninstalled the 2.5 app from the Play Store and installed it from the download. I am not able to connect to the cameras and view the video without problem like I used to. So, the problem is definitely with the new app. It is great that I am now able to use my cameras again, but, I hope that Wyze fixes whatever the problem is with the new version. When that happens, I will then need to figure out how to uninstall the app that was installed from the download, as it doesn’t appear to appear in the list of Play Store apps, since it wasn’t installed through there. I don’t know off hand how to do an uninstall for apps that weren’t installed through the Play Store.

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Usually just press and hold on the icon and an option to uninstall will come up


Nothing wrong with being careful about what you download from the web

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I agree. Nothing wrong about being paranoid with downloads from unfamiliar websites. Better to be safe that sorry! :+1:

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I was experiencing troubles with my V2 since about 2 maybe 3 app updates ago. Samsung tablet. Android.
When in HD or SD the sound and video is as it used to be, maybe half second lag, but now the sound is the same but the video has a 25 second lag. When in 360 it is normal but sound cuts out. Now when watching playback it is in slow motion, sometimes about half of normal speed and sometimes a 60 second clip takes 80ish seconds. I tried all the usual, clear cache, stop app, power off on (router and camera) everything short of uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

I contacted Wyze for support but before they got back to me I reinstalled a previous version of a older app and it worked for me.

Next day Wyze got a hold of me, after I told them what I did and here is some of their reply.

Joseph (Wyze)

Sep 5, 9:22 AM PDT

Since currently, we are working on fixing the bugs and issues that go with the current app version it would be safe to go back and use the old version. We don’t really recommend it but if you feel that this work best for you then go on. You can install the new app later on when it is already free or issues.

If you have time, Lyle, you can share what you did to the Wyze community so at least other people will be able to know that is can be a temporary solution to their issue. Please click on the link:

In the meantime, allow me to close the ticket and if in case you need an answer to your question or you need further technical support, please don’t hesitate to write back to us.


Joseph | Wyze Wizard

We are working on a solution and agree that the new app update has impacting connectivity for some people. We are sorry for that experience and will fix it as soon as possible. It’s our top priority now.


Hi @GregR & @WyzeMike,

A little over a month has now passed since all of this hubbub. Wondering if there’s any time frame for adding labels & sorting to the recently introduced Scheduler?

I’ve been holding off on large-scale reorganization since the August changes, and I’ve accepted the fact that schedules will only be single-tasking for the foreseeable future. However, it sure would be awesome to at least regain the labeling & sorting abilities for better overall management of same.

PS - I understand that stop/end times are the sticking point with multi-task schedules. However, would it be possible to allow us to add “one-way” multi-task items that don’t need end times? I know that many of my converted shortcuts are configured this way and they work perfectly. I had already created reciprocal end-tasks for most of my shortcuts anyway and I can live without the ability to specify end times for the time being until you guys roll out a more permanent solution. Bottom line for me is that the ability to execute multiple related steps within a single schedule is far more important than the elegance of terminating them within the same schedule item.

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Hey @secondary_2g! Sorry for the delayed reply. I have some good news.

Yesterday we did an internal bug bash for release 2.6, which includes adding labels and sorting to the Rules! I can’t commit to a hard date, but it’s not far off :wink:

As for the “one-way” multi-task items in a schedule, unfortunately, we don’t yet have a targeted release for this work, but it is on our radar.


Excellent news @GregR. Thanks for the update.

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