Wyze sense keeps going offline

Is the bridge installed in a Pan cam? It has been recommended not to use the bridge in a Pan cam because there are known issues using the bridge with the Pan.

If you have a v2 cam, I would use it instead and see if this corrects the problem you’re having. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, the V2 camera (Room) has the Bridge. It is in the same room as the door and window contact sensors with nothing in between them. They are all line-of-sight. The Pan Cam is downstairs and was switched off when I took that particular screenshot…

Like I replied above, the V2 camera (Room) has the Bridge, not the Pan Cam. The Bridge is in the same room as the V2 camera, door and window contact sensors with nothing in between them. They are all line-of-sight. The Pan Cam is downstairs and was switched off when I took that particular screenshot.

I never had this problem until the last firmware update. Didn’t even know there was a thread highlighting the issue since May…

What OS are you using Android or iOS?

Android, but the very same thing happens with iOS regardless of the device I use…

For Android users several have done a rollback to the last working app version and everything went back to normal. It’s something to consider if you would like to try it, here is the APK download link?

I’m new to this although I’ve just purchased 8 cameras and a slew of contacts a bunch I just installed in Indiana and I’ve already see remotely the three have failed after a few days …off line and staying open when contacts are closed lights flash firmware is updated they’ve been removed and re-added to the system. I’m reading all of this information now but isn’t this really a function of this company to explain why these have such consistent failures in this product. I experience all that you have with distance with intermittentcy… where are the developers where are the troubleshooters it sounds like this stuff may not be ready for Primetime but I want to get mine replaced otherwise the entire concept is meaningless and useless. Sorry for a little bit of vitriol but I’m just getting started…

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I honestly think the issue is the OEM USB cables are not supplying enough power to the cams. All of mine except one are installed outside with extended cords that I purchased from Amazon and the’yre all staying online using the OEM power blocks. 2 of them are piggybacked and still working fine, again using non-OEM cables and the OEM wall block.

I did message Wyze about my sensors going offline if I piggyback the bridged cam off of another camera. Their response was that the second cam wasn’t getting enough power to keep the camera and bridge online and they offered to send me a USB cord for the Pan Cam as it requires more power than the V2’s. I still haven’t received it to see if it’s going to work or not but at the end of the day, I really do think the issue is less about your WiFi signal (obviously you need to have one) and more about the camera having adequate power. If it overloads or becomes under powered it goes offline or if the cam isn’t receiving enough power for itself and the bridge, it will disconnect the bridge.

All are just my theories. Nothing is proven.

I was having a lot of problems with mine going offline. Fixed once I changed to a power adapter with higher wattage.

Go into app, select camera. Device setting and restart device. All my sensors reconnected.
Been good for a few days now.

Yes, that’s what we do so much with, computers, routers, firewalls, phones, tablets, restart / retry a way of life now. Might as well plug it into a 110 volt timer and have it proactively reboot just because firmware / software in the industry, some worse than others, doesn’t refresh or manage itself properly.

But this does not work for my contact sensors … so thanks for that input but it’s no panacea here either.


Power cycling doesn’t work. I tried that a bunch of times.
Only rebooting via app worked for me. And like I said it’s been a while since I’ve had to do that.
I was removing them and reading them to start with.
That got real old after a few days.

I woke up this morning to find that my sensors were all off line. They all worked late last night. I started to post to the forum but read the *Your topic is similar" suggestions and followed a suggestion to remove and replace the bridge. It worked. But now I am wondering why that would happen as I rely on them for evening security.

Hi, @jerryfromthecape Your topic was moved to this thread to make it easier for others to find. Sorry to hear you are having problems with your sensors. I know how frustrating this is for you. How far are the sensors from the bridge?

Can you tell me what kind of cam your bridge is in, is it a V2 or a Pan and is this the only time they have gone off line or does it happen a lot?

Plugged into a V2. If I restart camera, sensors that are 3 feet away will work a couple hours before going offline.

Jason Price

It was with the V2. All my 5 sensors and motion detector were off line. I’ve had occasional problems with individual sensors going off line but never everything at once. I was prepared to reset all the sensors but I did a search here first and saw a suggestion to remove and reattach the bridge and it worked. As I live alone I am concerned that this might happen again and was looking for information about it. Besides the security element it also lets me know which doors are open and closed throughout my house.

Well let me first state that they don’t intend them to be used as security, but I know people do, (I also do). If all sensors on a bridge are offline I would immediately look at the bridge before the sensors themselves. It has not happened often but doing a camera restart in the app has always fixed it. It has not happened enough to me to try and narrow down the cause.

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Jason …Mike here. Continue to see my newer sensors contact type to remain open occasionally or not showing open at all when it should while Sensor lights flash appropriately. About to communicate with the company more seriously as I have acquired even more peripherals for this product assuming that somewhere in this effort these items will actually work as advertised. However good the price point might seem compared to other popular products if we don’t intend to use them for any kind of security than exactly what are they intended for anyway. Hobbyists, tinkerers, what? I would hate to see a break-in
Or someone actually harmed in that event and product failure is at fault. Worse than bad publicity I’m persuaded. I hope this $400 issh investment doesn’t become a fool’s errand.

Thank you for your response. I use my sensors for many things including turning my basement Wyze lights on when I open the cellar door. However if someone were to break in through my basement I feel reassured knowing that I would receive an instant notification that I could react to. Also, how many uses are there for a motion sensor if it isn’t for security? If you go to the Wyze Facebook page and do a search for “security” you will see dozens of posts referring to their security benefits and no one disputes them. A rose by any other name…