Android Update 2.5.30 Released!

You continually see a response from Wyze, as above. This is a holiday weekend, they are evaluating what to do.


I have a support ticket ( Wyze Ticket 317589) and running Wyze App v 2.5.30. All the cameras have been updated with the new firmware.
The issue is I used to be able to use the HD setting on my 4 cameras, but now that no longer works - along with the SD setting. The connections would show offline / and the streaming video would hang up on 3/3 and never give a picture. Re-booted cameras, router but nothing changed. That said, they work fine with in 360 resolution.
Don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this issue, but would really like to use the HD resolution on my cameras.

Hello and welcome to the community @101pathfinder, WYZE does know of issues with this app version and are working on getting them sorted out. You aren’t the only one, but you did the right thing with submitting a support ticket.


Thanks Jason!!!

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Any news on the updated firmware to get rid of the deplorable lag?

This is one of the last responses from WYZE, also with a link for an old version of the app if you want to roll back until it is fixed


Thank you!!! Back to normal.

I am glad it helped and hopefully soon they will have it fixed

That’s fine for those that can sideload apps. The rest of us are stuck with the experiment. :slight_smile:

Fairly easy on an Android, just download and open the file, it will give you a warning it’s from an untrusted source (not play store) and you will have to change that setting but you can change it right back

It’s not the ability that I’m lacking it’s the permissions.
My phone belongs to my employer. I am allowed to install anything I like from the store but can’t sideload.

That makes sense, I don’t have a way around that one

Aw, shoot. We’re sorry about that. :frowning:

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Just an idea, but maybe try asking your IT guy to load it for you - I used to have a company issued phone and the IT guy did something similar to this for me (i think it helped to buy him lunch)…never hurts to ask :slightly_smiling_face:


Working in IT, we sometimes do this for our employees. However, in being a company phone, you have to keep in mind that is their property; and depending on the company they may have monitoring software often installed. Are you ok with them having home information?


v2.5.30 don’t work either
v2.4.82 works good on other device

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That is an excellent point, and def something to think about. The last company i worked for stopped providing phones (for similar reasons, as well as cost of damage) and would give reimbursement for your personal phone, then use office 365 to give access to/control their information vs controlling your whole phone…I think Samsung was working on knox to sandbox personal/work phone operations, but i dont know how much support is out there for that.

Sure glad I found this forum!

Got them delivered last night: 4x cams and the sensor starter kit. My initial reaction was dismay and disappointment at how “crappy” the video lag was (~25 sec.), and how it was nearly impossible to watch any playback video. My buddy at work highly recommended them, and I was just about to go over there and ask him what’s he’s smoking.

I just sideloaded 2.4.82 and now they’re working as I hoped they would. I have a Moto G4+ (Android).

Sorry to see the app team is having trouble, and I hope they get it sorted out soon. And to the over-reacters yelling about how they’re never buying another thing from Wyze: CHILL. Just roll the app back. I’m thrilled to have these things now. Price is unbeatable, and they’re packed with features.


Glad you were able to see their full potential.
I hope it didn’t cause you too much frustration


Any more news on this problem? I need 2 more cameras but I’m not buying them till this is fixed.